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Snowfall in Nainital

Nainital is one of the top-notch destinations in Uttarakhand but it shares subtropical highland weather. Due to this the hill station receives snowfall once every 3 or 4 years. But in the past, whenever Nainital experiences snowfall it is heavy. A lot of people love visiting here during this year. Also, there are only a few days throughout December and January when you can enjoy snowfall here. 

Perched at an altitude of 2084 m above sea level, Nainital is amongst the favorite holiday destinations in the country, especially for the North Indians. Whenever it snows at this amazing hill destination, the scenario becomes stunning with a white sheet covering the entire place. The pristine and surreal environment not only intrigues families and travelers but even the honeymoon couples too.

Keep reading to know more about snowfall in Nainital each winter month -

Snowfall in Nainital in December

In December, snowfall in Nainital starts towards the end of the month somewhere around Christmas. And frequent snowfalls keep happening throughout the weekend and the month ahead. You can enjoy sightseeing around Naini Lake, Bhimtal, Nakuchiatal, High Altitude Zoo, and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary. It is also known to be the best month for honeymooners as they can enjoy the splendid view with a list of things to do.

While you visit Nainital during the snowfall, do not forget to take a cable car to the snow viewpoint. It is an absolute stunner from up there. You can view the entire city and a lot of other things around. The coniferous trees look spell-binding with fresh snow on them.

Snowfall in Nainital in January

Peak snowfall time in Nainital is during January. This is the time when the entire hill station gets filled with snow throughout. During the month, you might find it inconvenient to get the cable car ride due to either heavy snow or windy days. So keep a few spare days in hand.

During a clear sky, you can also enjoy some activities like paragliding at different spots. While it snows you can enjoy snow trekking, hiking up to Tiffin Top, celebrating the Nainital Winter Carnival, Shopping at the Tibetan Market in front of the Naina Devi Temple. And yes, making snow figures too with your travel partner.

Travel Tips to keep in mind

  • Nainital becomes windy during winter and even during the clear sky, you might feel like freezing. It is better to carry extra warm clothes.
  • One should also take precautions against frostbite which is why it is advised to keep all your body parts covered with warm clothes. Especially your head, hands, and feet. Wearing a water-resistant jacket is also advised.
  • During the snowy months, you get to see the frozen Naini Lake which is a sight to enjoy. You don’t often get to see this but do not get tempted to walk on the frozen lake. This is because there is a thin layer of frozen water and it is not like Zanskar.
  • If you are taking a road trip to Nainital during snow, it is better to take a shovel and other equipment along for an extreme time. It is better to be prepared for any situation that could hurt you otherwise.
  • If you plan to trek or enjoy snow sports it is better to pack accordingly, keep trekking shoes in your backpack with other gears too.
  • If you are also planning on camping then it is better to keep a thermos so that your warm water or beverage remains the same for quite some time.
  • It is a must to carry all the essential medicines and first aid kit along with a hot water bag. If you have any other medication problems; it is better to keep the medicines for the same.
  • While it doesn’t snow too often or every year in Nainital, it is difficult to predict how long it might snow in the year it does. Therefore it is better to keep umbrellas and raincoats in your luggage carrier. Also, you can expect rainfall during the snowy months.