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Chhatris of Orchha

The Chhatris or the cenotaphs in orchha are another of the many historical tourist attractions in Orchha. These are memorials of the rulers of the Bundels and are laid down in a row of 14 along the beautiful banks of the Betwa River. It reflects a wonderful sight though to some it looks uncanny. The Chhatris of Orchha are the most melancholy ruins of the city in Madhya Pradesh.

These chhatris or cenotaphs present a picturesque sight on the banks of the river betwa. The monuments still speak of the ancient rulers, their victories and their stories. These fourteen chhatris are best viewed from the narrow road bridge, or from the boulders from where you get a perfect reflection of the chattris of Orchha on the still waters of the river. The Chhatris of Orchha look like a pale brown shade of weed throttled domes and spires.

History of Chhatris of Orchha:

Each of the 14 chhatris on the river banks, are built in memory of the rulers of Orchha, the former rulers of Bundelkhand dynasty.

How to reach Chhatris of Orcha:

Orchha is famous for the beautiful river Betwa that flows through the place and along whose banks the city grew


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