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Periyar Lake

Periyar Lake cruise is a refreshing way to explore the wilderness of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala. The lovely Periyar Lake is an artificial water body created a hundred years back. The dam restricted the Periyar River, which has led to the creation of the lake of unrivaled beauty and the life source of blessed species. The Kerala Tourism Development Corporation and the Periyar Forest Department organized the Periyar Boat Cruise.

The 2-3 hours cruise is incredible for the amazing sights of the panorama apart from exploring the species at Periyar Reserve. While cruising the waters, one can easily view the animals who come to the lake shores to quench their thirst. Also, you can spot elephants, deer, and reptiles. Moreover, abundant water birds make homes on the tree trunks submerged in the waters. Spotting the ferocious tigers is the icing on the cake.

Best time to visit: Open throughout the year, but the best time is October to March.

Timings: 7:30 am, 9:30 am, 11:15 am

Afternoon: 01:45 pm : 03:30 pm

Duration: 2-3 hours