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Old Fort in Surat

The city of Surat is located on the bank of river Tapi in the West Indian state of Gujarat. Surat was a grand port city during the Mughal period. Since the ancient times, the early port of Surat has been well-known for its elite quality fine silks and beautiful brocades and its trade in various spices.

Surat has been one of the most progressive of India's cities in the 17th and 18th centuries. Presently, Surat is a chief industrial city with many textile mills. Besides, Surat is also an imperative diamond-cutting centre in India. Surat features many attractive tourist destinations. Monuments in Surat are a popular destination with tourists visiting the famous Old Fort which stands tall in the city.

History of Old Fort

Surat Old Fort was built by Muhammad Tughlak in the 14th century to serve as the defense fortification against the Bhils. Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq was the original of the Tughlaqs to rule Delhi. Subsequent to Muhammad Sahab-ud-din Ghori, the next mention of Surat is in 1347 A.D., in connection with the rebellion of Gujarat during the time Surat was under Muhammad Tughlak (1325 to 1351). In 1373 A.D., the emperor Firoz Tughlak(1351 to 1388) is said to have built a fort at Surat to guard the town against Bhils attack who wanted to conquer the land.

Description of Old Fort

 Muhammad bin Tughlaq was the most divisive of all the sultans ever to rule India. Muhammad Kunhi by birth, he was known as 'Muhammad the Bloody'. He was the most cruel, cold-blooded and unpredictable Sultan yet. At the same time, he was also brilliant, benevolent and an endearing person. He built this massive Old fort in Surat to protect his men from the brutal attack of the Bhils. The old fort is an impressive architecture with strong walls and iron bars. Tourists while tour to Surat visits this opulent masterpiece. Among all monuments in Surat, Old fort in Surat demands a special mention and is worth a visit.


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