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Weekend Getaway from Bangalore to Thalassery

Distance / Traveling Time

From Bangalore : 326 kilometers / 6 h ,31 m


Summer 24 to 36°C


Winter 20 to 32°C


Famous for

  • Beaches

Historically one of the British settlements in India, the city of Thalassery or Thalassery is just 21 km from Kannur in the northern part of Kerala. Holding the vastness of natural beauty, the beach city consists of small hills, misty cliffs, and free-flowing rivers. Also known as Tellicherry, this commercial town of the Malabar Coast recently became Kerala’s first ‘Heritage town.’ Often referred to as the ‘City of Seven Hills,’ Thalassery is the best kind of weekend getaway from Bangalore to enjoy a refreshing vacation with friends and family. Thalassery is the second largest city in North Malabar and is also famous for its lip-smacking special Thalassery Biryani.

How to Reach Thalassery from Bangalore

By Train

The railway station in Thalassery is well-connected to all the important cities in India, including Bangalore, Delhi, etc. Moreover, direct trains are available between the two cities.

By Air

The nearest airport to Thalassery is the Karipur international airport in Kozhikode, which is around 94 km away. This airport is well-connected to Bangalore by regular flights. You can rent a taxi to go to Thalassery from the Kozhikode airport.

By Road

Bangalore and Thalassery are well-connected by a good network of roads. Another option is to board a state-run or a private deluxe bus from Bangalore up to Kozhikode bus stand, 70 km away. Further board a bus or hire a taxi.

Attractions in Thalassery

Overbury’s Folly

The half-done construction of Overbury's Folly (seaside park with a watch tower) today serves as an amusement park. Placed on a hilltop, named after E N Overbury, its builder, Overbury's Folly is next to the Thalassery district court. Overbury was a local judge in the 1870s who wished to develop a picnic spot but could do so. The place was later renovated into a proper tourist attraction.

Tellicherry Fort

Built-in 1708 AD, Tellicherry Fort was famous for being a top British military center, which today is a prime attraction of the region. This fort was erected to commemorate the colonial ruler of the East India Company in India. This magnificent fort has massive walls, secret tunnels, and beautifully carved doors.

English Church

Also called St. John's Anglican Church, the beautiful English Church is one of the oldest churches in the Kannur district. This church is known for its beautiful stained glass works, which were imported from London. This church surely charms its visitors, even today. The Catholic Rosary Church is another church located adjacent to this.

Fisherfolk Temple

Fisherfolk Temple is a scenic shrine located along the coastline that runs from Kannur to Thalassery and Thalassery to Mahe. These three towns with beautiful beaches look like a necklace adorned by nature. The temple is regularly visited by fishermen in huge numbers residing in the region.


Kannur is a mix of 2 words. The word 'Kanna' is used for Lord Krishna and 'Ur' means places, so it means the places of Lord Krishna. Kannur is a beautiful beach town that is dotted with several tourist attractions. Thalassery and Kannur are just a few kilometers away from each other.


Just a few kilometers away from Thalassery, Mahe is a tiny place on the map of Kerala. Placed between Thalassery and Badagar on the western coast of the Indian peninsula, it is today a prime trade center. Mahe gained popularity when the French made their settlement in India after winning it from the British. This place is named after a young French captain, Mahe De Labourdannais.

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