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Do's and Don'ts in the Jungle

While partaking in a jungle safari, it is extremely important to follow certain Jungle Code so that one does not spoil the nature's beauty and does not disturbs our furry friends. Here is a list of Do's and Don'ts of a Jungle Safari, which one needs to keep in mind:

Right Dressing:

It is advisable to wear clothes which cover the arms and legs so that if one comes in contact with insects or wild animals, he does not catch any allergy. Wearing layers of clothing is also a good idea.

Blend your clothes with nature:

Stay away from loud colors, bold prints like polka dots or noisy trinkets as they might be disturbing for the animals, or might get scared or can also attract unnecessary attention. Blending with the environment is actually the basis idea.

Stay Calm:

Be composed and calm when inside the jungle. Unnecessary excitement might keep them away from you.

Stay in Right Company:

It is extremely important that you should stick to your group, headed by a naturalist.

Pack Light:

Packing light is important. Only pack what you need inside the jungle. Jungle safaris can sometimes be tiring; do not carry anything, which is absolutely not required.

Do not forget these:

Do not forget to carry sunhats, sunglasses and sunscreen to keep you safe from sun rays and sunburns. Wear covered comfortable shoes along with socks. Wearing exposing footwear might be a bad idea.

Medical aid:

If any one of you is allergic to dust or animal fur, do not forget to carry your medication.

Click Click:

One doesn't partake in jungle safaris every now and then. Do not forget to carry a good camera so that you can click some good photographs of the flora and fauna. What if you spot the big cat!

Other Necessary Items:

Raincoat, mosquito repellant, antiseptic creams, water bottle, band-aids, a small torch, first-aid kit, personal hygiene products and similar kind of items.

No Feeding Animals:

Restrict yourself from feeding animals. Their behavior cannot be predicted and this might prove to be harmful for you or for them.

Refrain from Littering:

The jungle is home to the wild animals, thus, it is best that you do not litter your garbage here and there in their home.

Stay Vigilant:

Stay alert and avoid an ignorant attitude. If you see any visitor or staff any wrong, report it as soon as it is possible.

Closeness could be Harmful:

Do not get too close to animals in order to observe them closely. They can either get scared or can attract them towards you. Do not try to be too friendly with the wild in the jungle.

No Loud Talks:

The forest is no place for long talks or conversation. Keep your talks limited and that too in low tones.

No Place for Souvenirs:

Please do not get down from your jeep or elephant in the jungle to carry bird feathers, leaves or stones.

Child Trouble:

It is wiser not to bring small children or infants in jungle as it is sometimes not possible to keep them calm. The animals may shy away from you.

Stay Calm during Photography:

Please do not create any disturbance for the wild animals while shooting videos or clicking photographs. Keep calm and the flash mode off.

Fire Alert:

Stay away from using any combustible substances during your jungle safari.

Cellphone Nuisance:

It is advisable to keep your cellphones in your hotel room or if you are carrying them with you inside the jungle, keep them switched off or on silent mode.

Do not agitate:

Please remember that you are inside the jungle to explore the animals, while they are inside their house. Do not agitate them by throwing stones at them or doing antics to attract them.