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Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Karnataka

Main Wildlife Attractions: elephant, gaur, sloth bear, wild boar, black leopard, Jungle Cat,spotted deer, barking deer

Coverage Area: 492 sq.kms

Established: 1974

Best Time to Visit:October to March

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The sanctuary was earlier called the Jagara valley game Reserve and in 1998 was named the as the 25th Project Tiger of India.

Jagara is a village situated very close to the sanctuary. The deep valley of the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary has a large variety of flora and fauna. It is an exotic idea to spend days amidst the lush green vegetation and lofty hill ranges. Standing at 1875m Kallahathigiri is the highest peak in the sanctuary. River Bhadra flows through the sanctuary bestowing to it a picturesque look.

Walking amidst the deciduous vegetation and the green bamboo groove you will come across huge elephants roaming about in herds. Home to more than 120 species of trees you can see the Teak, Rosewood, Mathi, Honne, Nandi, Tadasalu and Kindal. Important medicinal plants are also to be found here. Nature lovers make it a point to see the big teak tree called Jagara Giant. The tree has a girth of 5.21 mts and is about 300 years old.

Wildlife enthusiasts enjoy the safari of tracing the pug marks of the Indian tiger and leopards. Home to many other animals such as sloth bears, giant squirrels, gaurs, sambars, elephants and slender loris, animal lovers enjoy the adventure in Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. A host of avian species can also be found here such as the king vultures, great horned owls, great pied hornbills, Indian tree pies, black winged kites, black napped flycatchers and the open billed storks.

Exotic butterflies such as yam flies, baronets, crimson roses, southern bird wings, tailed jays, great orange tips, bamboo tree browns, and blue pansies are found in the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka .

Flying snakes, rock pythons, bronze backed tree snakes, common garden lizards, monitor lizards, atlas moths, wild dogs and the Indian pond turtles are also found in plenty in the sanctuary.