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Kolleru Lake Bird Sanctuary

Location: Andhra Pradesh

Main Wildlife Attractions: Avocets,Wigeons,Gadwalls,Cormorants,Shovellers,Painted Storks,

Coverage Area: 673 sq.kms

Established: 1999

Best Time to Visit:November to March.

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The Kolleru Bird Sanctuary is rich in a diverse variety of flora and fauna and is a natural home for a number of birds. A large number of migratory birds flock to this region during the winter season.

The Kolleru Lake Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh is a haven for these birds looking for a proper shelter. The Kolleru Lake Bird Sanctuary is located just 65 kilometers away from Vijaywada. Nature lovers find an apt place for themselves at Kolleru Wildlife Sanctuary. Migratory Birds from Australia, Siberia, Egypt and Philippines assemble near the Kolleru Lake in search of a suitable place for their survival.

These birds include some of the exclusive varieties like the Open Billed Stork, Shovellers, Painted Stork, Pintails, Glossy Ibises, Teals and Red Chested Podchards. Numerous other varieties of birds are found in the Kolleru Lake Bird Sanctuary.

The soothing breeze from the lake ensures a natural harbor for these roving birds. Kolleru Lake Bird Sanctuary occupies an area of 673 sq kilometers and there is a Watch Tower to aid the tourists to observe these itinerant birds. The Kolleru Lake Bird Sanctuary is also known as the Colair Lake in Andhra Pradesh.

During the months of monsoon the lake expands for vast miles of about 260 square kilometers and this lake is a beneficial for the fishermen because it abounds in carps and prawns that fetch a high value in the market. In the village of Akid these fishes are finally processed to be marketed.

Many varieties of birds like Widgeons, Gadwalls, Cormorants and Avocets are the common variety of birds there. Different types of water fowls are also found in the Kolleru Lake. The water tank known as Muthyraju Tank is located near the same region. The best season to visit here is between Novembers to March.

This is due to the fact that this stretch of time is generally most suitable for the pointing these rare and exquisite creatures who come to the Kolleru Lake Bird Sanctuary for finding solace and tropical warmth.