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Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

Birds creatures who have always inspired our awe and wonder. We wonder and admire their ability to soar high and reach the sky. Most of us have cherished the desire to fly like them. Even though they are simply unparallel in the air, they are also at ease on land. Some of them feel comfortable in the waters too. Our dream of flying like them is a near impossible proposition but if we want to witness them in all their variety and diversity, one of the best places is the Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary.

The Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary prides itself on being the largest wetland bird sanctuary in Gujarat and also one of the largest in India. Located at a distance of about 64 km from Ahmedabad - the state capital, the Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary includes a large lake with an area of about 123 sq km and its surrounding marshes.

With the onset of autumn just after the end of the monsoon season, a large number of birds start coming to the Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary, Gujarat. Their sojourn lasts throughout the winter and the spring season. And it is during this time that a large number of visitors too come to see these feathered creatures who have made the Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary their temporary home.

Waterfowl comprises the largest category of these migratory birds. They are to be sighted in large numbers at the shallow areas and ponds on the outskirts of the lake. This is their favorite haunt. They wade their way through the shallow waters and even collect their food from it.

The fauna of the Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary also includes a few mammalian species. It is rather unfortunate that their number is steadily on the decline. It is all the more for this reason that one should not miss out on the opportunity of seeing the endangered species like the wild ass and the black buck.

Just set out for the Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary with a binocular in hand. The trip will be all the more rewarding if you are accompanied by a localite well versed in birds. You are sure to feel delighted at the multifarious sights and sounds of the large variety of birds. Do not fail to notice the dissonance of sound as each of the birds jostle for nesting and feeding space. Sometimes when you are fortunate enough to listen to their sweet chirping the outing will be made all the more memorable.

The shape, size, color, sound of the birds in the Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary, Gujarat is sure to fascinate you. The flamingos dexterously use their long beaks and legs to dig prod the mud and search for food. The Rosy Pelicans, the White Storks, the Brahminy Ducks, the Herons are all very impressive. Take a trip in small boats sailing through the waters of this seasonal lake, watch the silhouette of various birds against the backdrop of the rising or setting sun and it is sure to remain etched in your memories forever.