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Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Karnataka

Main Wildlife Attractions: sloth bear,panther,gaur,bison,colorful birds

Coverage Area: 866 sq.kms

Established: 1956

Best Time to Visit:October to March

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Among the many wildlife sanctuaries of Karnataka, you can choose the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary for various reasons.
Spread over an area of 834.16, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is neighbor to Goa's Mahaveer sanctuary and is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka.

The second largest wildlife sanctuary and one of the most attractive tourist spots in Karnataka, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, spread over 834.16 sq. km, boasts of a large variety of flora and fauna. Placed on the banks of river Kali in Uttara Kannda district (border of Goa and Karnataka), Dandeli is a small town named after Dandelappa- a loyal servant of Mirashi landlords, who lost his life due to his loyalty. The wildlife reserve has been named after the town. The nearby attractions Dandeli are- Vantage point to view Supa dam, Backwaters of Supa dam, Syntheri rocks, Kavala caves and Ulavi Channabasaveshwara.

Flora and Fauna
Dandeli wildlife sanctuary has wonderful scenic beauty which includes breathtaking valleys and meandering rivers and moist deciduous and semi-evergreen forests. One can spot rare species such as Malabar giant squirrel, Black Panther, civet cats, mouse deer, bison, jackals, langurs, elephants, tigers, pangolin and sloth bear. Also, Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is home to many avian species, reptiles and birds like magpie robin, crested serpent eagle and golden backed woodpecker.
Activities possible in Dandeli
The place offers opportunities for different outdoor activities like jungle safari, boat ride, white water rafting in river Kali, canoeing, kayaking and mountain biking which draws a huge tourist population from all around the world.

Best time to visit

this wildlife shelter is from October to March when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. The visiting hours are from 6:00am to 6:00pm.

How to Reach Dandeli

Dandeli is easily reachable from all major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur. The nearest airports to Dandeli are Belgaum, Hubli and Goa and the nearest train stations are Londa, Dharwad and Hubli. Dandeli is well connected to Banglore, Goa, Belgaum, Kharwar and Dharwad by Road. Also, there are frequent bus services available from all major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Distance from Dandeli major Cities

  • Bangalore: 480 km
  • Karwar: 107km
  • Hubli: 74km
  • Dharwad: 58km
  • Londa: 47km
  • Goa: 99km
  • Belgaum: 93km
  • Supa Dam: 19.4km
  • Ulavi Channabasaveshwara: 48km