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Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Chhattisgarh

Main Wildlife Attractions: Tigers, Sloth Bear, Flying Squirrels, Jackals, Four-horned Antelopes, Leopards, Chinkara

Coverage Area: 244 sq.kms

Established: 1976

Best Time to Visit:November to June

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For others too this place holds special attraction a wide variety of animals and a splendid floral diversity distinguishes Barnawapara wildlife Sanctuary. Stretching for 244.66 square kilometers this blissful landscape, consisting of even and undulating topography, have a regular drainage system to sustain the wildlife thriving there. Located in the Indo-Gangetic Monsoon Forest, Barnawapara wildlife Sanctuary has a perennial drainage system.

Floral Diversity in Barnawapara wildlife Sanctuary

Consisting mainly of Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests, Barnawapara wildlife Sanctuary has other sundry species of flora as well. While the intermittent bamboo groves are common in Barnawapara wildlife Sanctuary, valuable Teak Trees are found in the depths of the forest. Terminalia Trees are noticeable along with some other miscellaneous varieties, adding to the list of floral diversity at Barnawapara wildlife Sanctuary.
Fauna at Barnawapara wildlife Sanctuary :
The roar of Tiger and Jungle Hyena, the sharp mewing of Jungle Cat and the constant gibber of monkeys makes you aware of their presence at Barnawapara wildlife Sanctuary . In the dead of night, the laugh of Hyena and yelp of jackal may rouse your curiosity but in the bright daylight they rarely come out in the open. But if you chance to see any one of them, it would be a life time experience for you. Nilgai, antelope and Gaur constitutes the other few species, completing the fauna family.

If you are a nature lover come to Barnawapara wildlife Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh an idyllic destination for any blithe spirit. Come by road or rail, Barnawapara wildlife Sanctuary awaits your precious presence.