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Wildlife Sanctuaries In North India

During your visit to wildlife parks and sanctuaries in North India, you can view the best of wildlife and nature.Out of a total of 490 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India, there are some of the most sought-after here, perfect for saving the varied flora and fauna of the region. Wildlife Sanctuaries in North India can rightly be called wildlife tourist destinations that are not only visited by wildlife and nature enthusiasts but are also visited by ornithologists and numerous researchers.

You can interact with the animals and the birds in their natural surroundings when you are in these Sanctuaries in North India. You have options to pick from- an elephant safari, a jeep safari or a boat ride. It is no exaggeration to call a visit to these wildlife reserves ‘once-in-a-lifetime-experience’. These reserves are not only safe havens for the exotic animal and bird species of the region but also have a vast variety of medicinal plants, water resources, trees etc.

There is a long list of wildlife sanctuaries of north India. Some of the popular ones are mentioned below. During your visit to any of these wildlife reserves, you can opt to stay in forest resorts and lodges, offering a number room options, contemporary facilities and good food.

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