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Ranipur Sanctuary

Location: Uttar Pradesh

Main Wildlife Attractions: peafowl, spur fowl, jungle fowl, painted partridge, fishing cat, chinkara,tiger,chinkara

Coverage Area: 230.31 sq.kms

Established: 1977

Best Time to Visit:November to June

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The wild life sanctuaries that have cropped up in different corners of Uttar Pradesh are replete with natural flora and fauna. Many wildlife projects and ecological researches are being carried out to preserve the biological ecosystem. If you are visiting Ranipur Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh, be sure to carry your binoculars and camera because here you can really let your rolls rolling capturing fleeting moments of the exotic animals.

Ranipur Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh sprawls over an area of 230 square kilometers. You can hire a taxi or a bus from Allahabad which lies at a distance of 150 kilometers from Ranipur Sanctuary.

Ranipur Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh is a total parenthesis from the din and bustle of Allahabad. At every bent of the forest your adventurous self takes an upper hand and you expect for the unknown to happen - maybe glimpse a leopard staring at you from the shrubland nearby, or you can take a sneak peek at the herd of nilgai's moving towards the brackish water land to quench their thirst.

Ask the guide to show you the different signs that tiger's make with their paws on trees to demarcate their area.

Stay overnight in Ranipur Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh to enjoy the sense of wilderness that engulfs the sanctuary after dusk fall. Take your pick from the handful of rest houses available in the vicinity of the sanctuary.

We strongly recommend you to carry a mosquito repellent ointment, and a torch if you are thinking about a night out in the park after dusk.