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Ascot Sanctuary

Location: Uttarakhand

Main Wildlife Attractions: Musk deers, black beers, snow cocks, chirs, bharals, koklas, snow leopards, chukors

Coverage Area: 284 sq.kms

Established: 1986

Best Time to Visit:April to September

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Uttarakhand is blessed with an enviable variety of flora and fauna.The state of Uttarakhand is the ideal destination when it comes to wildlife tourism, with sixty three percent of the state being under forest cover. The land of Uttarakhand is blessed by the Mother Nature, which is marked by the varied flora and fauna. The wildlife sanctuaries in Uttarakhand are the destinations, which invite the tourists to experience the thrill of being present in the untouched, raw forest land.

In these places, one is bound to feel like being the first one to visit the place. Trekking in these forests and tracking down animal trails is something that a true wildlife enthusiast is not likely to miss for anything. The wildlife in Uttarakhand has miles and miles of lush green forests, many hills covered with greens and the pure, unpolluted air adds to the trip. The Ascot Sanctuary, also known as the Ascot Muscat Sanctuary, is positioned at an elevation of 5412 feet, in the middle of a snow covered peak in the Kumaon region. The Ascot Sanctuary in Uttarakhand covers an area of 284 square kilometers and is located in the Pithorgarh district.

The Ascot Sanctuary in Uttarakhand was originally set up to protect the musk deer. Though the musk deer are present in significant numbers in the sanctuary, they need further protection as they are an endangered species. The other animal species which are found in the Ascot Sanctuary in Uttarakhand are the Jungle Cat, the Leopard, the Serow, the Barking Deer, the Civet Cat, the Ghoral and the Brown Bear. There are many high altitude birds. The summer months in Uttarakhand are pretty mild but the winter season is very rough, accompanied by heavy snowfall.