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Pong Lake Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Himachal pradesh

Main Wildlife Attractions: Indian Hare, Hadgehag longeared, Jackal, common Langur, Rhesus Macaque, Mongoose, Nilgai, Indian por

Coverage Area: 9675 sq km

Established: 1983

Best Time to Visit:November to March

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The Pong Lake Wildlife Sanctuary is situated surrounding the Pong Lake, which was created by damming up the Beas River in the year 1976.
The Pong Lake Wildlife Sanctuary was declared as a sanctuary on 1st June in 1983. The level of the Pong Lake vacillates between 335 meters and 436 meters.

The Pong Lake Wildlife Sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh has a little submerged aquatic vegetation. But the shoreline of the lake does not support much evolving vegetation due to the pronounced seasonal changes in the water level of the lake. The surrounding hilly area support some kind of mixed deciduous and chir pine forest.

The Pong Lake in the Pong Lake Wildlife Sanctuary is an important ground for the Waterfowl during the winters. In the year 1985, nearly 10,000 ducks were recorded, which were predominant with mallards and lesser number of northern pintails. Common teal, common pochard are also found. Several great black-headed gulls, which are a fairly uncommon species in India away from the coast, were also found in the Pong Lake Wildlife Sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh.

The reptiles found in the Himachal Pradesh Pong Lake Wildlife Sanctuary include Common Cobra, Python and Common Monitor. Various kinds of fishes are also found in this wildlife sanctuary like Mallip, Soal, Mahseer, and many more.