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Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Rajasthan

Main Wildlife Attractions: Asian elephant,Sambar deer, jungle cat,elks

Coverage Area: 250 sq.kms

Established: 2004

Best Time to Visit:February to May

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Marauders from Rajasthan made way to the plains of Madhya Pradesh as well as to the Hadoti region through this forest region and vice versa. The Darrah Wild Life Sanctuary was declared a wild life reserve in the year 1955. Much earlier it was the favorite hunting grounds of the royal rulers of Kota. The vegetative cover of the region was far thicker then. The dense forests were inhabited by a large number of tigers, deers and rhinos. No wonder it was the choice of the erstwhile maharajas of Kota. Even though there has been a considerable reduction in the forest area and the wildlife population has also declined, it is nonetheless well worth a visit when on a Tour to Kota.

To this day the Darrah Wild Life Sanctuary is home to leopards, sloth bears, antelopes, nilgai, deers and wolves. Antelopes and wolves are seen in particularly large numbers and if you are lucky enough you can also spot the few leopards and sloth bears that inhabit the sanctuary. It is really a delight to be seeing these wild animals in their natural habitat.

There are many hunting lodges in the Darrah Wild Life Sanctuary. By virtue of being the base of the former maharajas many lodges were built here for them to put up in. These are themselves worth seeing and moreover from here one can also get a very good sight of the animals ambling about in their natural surroundings.

For wildlife lovers this is the best place to head to when thinking of Excursions from Kota. There is a rest house that is run by the Forest Department much to the convenience of the tourists who come here. It provides all the necessary amenities and one can easily opt for a stay.

Another added attraction very close to the sanctuary is the Jhalwar Fort. Even though it is slightly dilapidated and in need of restoration, one cannot but admire its magnificence. The Jenana Khas located within the precincts of the fort is even more admirable. So if you want to see many members of the animal kingdom as well as well as peep into an aspect of the royal past do visit the Darrah Wild Life Sanctuary, India. It will definitely be a good experience. And do keep in mind that the best time to plan a visit is in the months between February and May.