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Churdhar Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Himachal pradesh

Main Wildlife Attractions: barking deer, musk deer,black bear,leopards

Coverage Area: 56.16 sq.kms

Established: 1985

Best Time to Visit:April-June and October-November

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It lies in the Sirmaur and Shimla districts. Pilgrims visiting the Lord Shiva temple and other temples nearby enjoy stopping over at the Churdhar Sanctuary.

How to reach Churdhar Wildlife Sanctuary

By Air

You can reach Churdhar by trekking from Dadahu (48 kilometers), Sarain (9 kilometers), Nahura (16 kilometers) and Rajgarh (7 kilometers).

By Rail

Nearest railway station Shimla to Kalka narrow gauge railway line

By Road

The sanctuary has a well connected road network from major cities

Forest cover:
This west Himalayan ecological zone has three types of forest cover including kharsu oak forest, western mixed coniferous forest and alpine pastures. Cattle, mountain sheep and goats of the nomadic Gujjars are seen grazing in the pastures of the sanctuary.

Climate and visiting season:
Since the sanctuary is at a high altitude, it has a temperate climate with temperatures ranging from about 5 to 20 degrees centigrade. You can visit the sanctuary during the summer and autumn seasons.

Flora at the Churdhar Sanctuary:
The main trees in the sanctuary are oak and deodar. You will find numerous herbs around the region that have medicinal properties. Some of them are Aloe vera (Dhrit Kumari), Wild Himalayan Cherry and Amaranthus spinosus (Chulai).

Fauna at the Churdhar Sanctuary:
Among the various bird species that can be spotted at the sanctuary are Himalayan monal, Indian peafowl, red junglefowl, variegated laughing thrush and koklass pheasant. Musk deer is a vulnerable animal species found in the sanctuary. They are small, without antlers and sandy brown in color and can be found feeding in the alpine pastures. You can also expect to find barking deer, leopard, goral, wild boar, Asiatic black bear and pika.

Things to do in Churdhar Sanctuary

Trekking to the sanctuary is a pleasurable activity. Do keep the sanctuary clean and do not disturb the natural equilibrium of the sanctuary. Even though the entry to this sanctuary is not regulated, please do not kill any animal or bird or there won't be a wildlife sanctuary to come back to!