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Asan Barrage Uttarakhand

Location: Uttarakhand

Main Wildlife Attractions: Brahmini duck, red crested poacher, pintail, mallard, coot, common teal, tufted duck

Best Time to Visit:May to September

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Recent government initiative is beginning to bear fruit in reorganizing the wild life sanctuaries that are nestled in this beautiful mountain state.

Resources have been identified and plans have been sketched to prevent the exploitation of these exotic animals. Asan Barrage, situated 40 kilometers from Dehradun, is popularly known as Dhalipur Lake. If you are an avid birdwatcher, a bird watching safari in Asan Barrage is highly recommended. Close to fifty three species of water birds make this beautiful barrage their habitat.

Asan Barrage lies at the confluence of the river Yamuna and Asan, and enjoys distinct summer and winter seasons. The migratory birds which make this reservoir their habitat for sometime, is a pleasant sight to sore eyes. The Brahmini duck, red crested poacher, pintail, mallard, coot, common teal, tufted duck are some of the species that throng the park. With some measure of luck, these can be spotted in the wild. Walk down the canals to view chirping swallows building their nests in the vicinity of the reservoir. They add not only colors but also vibrancy to the Asan Barrage.

A picnic lunch would be the preferred option after a tiring expedition to the Asan Barrage. In these beautiful environs, amongst the chirpings of different hued birds, you will be astounded to find how nature can elevate you from the trivialities of daily life.

Your camera would come handy, if you are a wildlife photographer. Let the lenses do the talking for you.