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Chandra Prabha Sanctuary

Location: Uttar Pradesh

Main Wildlife Attractions: blackbucks, chital, sambhar, nilgai, wild boar, porcupine,Indian gazelle

Coverage Area: 78 sq.kms

Established: 1957

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Taking a queue from the international pulpit about the preservation of wildlife, certain initiative of the Indian government is beginning to bear fruit. Wild sanctuaries are being created and maintained, trees planted and ecological surveys carried out every now and then to get the exact statistics of the wild life sector. Chandra Prabha Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh was open in 1977 with a view to provide shelter to the dwindling animal fraternity.

Chandra Prabha Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh though not much publicized, attracts avid animal lovers from afar. Animal lovers and eco researchers make an attempt to systematically explore the vicinity of the sanctuary and document information about the flora and fauna of this place. Asiatic lions were introduced in the park a decade ago. However due to unforeseen circumstances their number dwindled. Sambar, nilgai, black bucks, gharial, can be seen grazing the vast stretch of verdant green. If luck is on your side you can spot a python too. The sanctuary is a shelter for as much as one hundred and fifty species of different hued birds, some off course migratory in nature.

To reach Chandra Prabha Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh you can either board a taxi from Varanasi or take a bus to the destined place.