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Surinsar Mansar

Location: Jammu and Kashmir

Main Wildlife Attractions: barking deer, goral, wild boar, blue rock pigeon, peafowl, green pigeon, black partridge

Coverage Area: 97.82

Best Time to Visit:September to March

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One such place which ranks quite high in the itinerary of tourists is the Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary. Situated at a distance of 42 kms from Jammu, this sanctuary is spread on a sprawling land of 97.82 sq kms.

The altitude of this sanctuary ranges between 430 to 611 meters above that of the sea level.

If you mainly want to have a look at the mammals housed here, the best time is between September to March. However, the months of March to May is the best time for bird-viewing. In case you come here during the season of spring or summer, it is sensible to bring your raincoat, trekking shoes and some light clothing.

On the other hand side, during the months of winter, don't forget to carry heavy woolens, trekking shoes and waterproof windcheaters.

Reaching Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary via air, rail and road is no uphill task as this place is well linked to the other parts of the country as well as the neighboring regions.

The nearest airport at Jammu, 58 kms away could be used by tourists coming via air. For travelers taking the train, the nearest rail station of Jammu, at a distance of 56 kms would be the suitable option.

At the two corners of Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary, there are two lakes. This sanctuary has got its name from these lakes. This sanctuary plays host to 8 species of mammals consisting of Goral, barking deer, wild boar, leopard etc.

The flora of the sanctuary comprises of the mixed scrub forest. This forest mainly has broad leaved kind of plants coupled with varieties of Pinus gerardiana.

Some general broad leaved species that you would find here are Mallotus phillipensis, ficus religiosa, dalbergia sissii, Acacia spp. and bahunia variegate.

At this sanctuary, you can find 15 categories of birds. The main species consist of green pigeon, black partridge, blue rock pigeon, peafowl, red jungle fowl, grey partridge and rufus turtle dove.

So, to enjoy the flora and fauna of the place, book yourself for a tour to Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary, Jammu and Kashmir today.