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Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Orissa

Main Wildlife Attractions: Boating, trekking, angling, rafting, crocodiles,

Coverage Area: 795.52 sq km

Established: N.A

Best Time to Visit:December to April

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A wide variety of fauna is huddled in the various wildlife sanctuaries and parks of Orissa. All these sanctuaries and parks are significant tourist destinations for many. So, if you fancy a date with the magnificent wildlife of the state, you can pay a visit to the Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary, Orissa.

Description of Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary Orissa

Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary in Orissa, India is a popular tourist destination that attracts many from far and wide. At this place, you may trail animals or visit the area housing gharials. In fact, the section on these gharials was established to reintroduce the species in the ecosystem of Mahanadi River and thereby increase their numbers to a suitable level.

Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary of Orissa also offers the visitors a chance to view crocodiles, snakes and freshwater turtles. If you are an avid bird watcher, this sanctuary would enthrall you a lot. With a wide variety of indigenous as well as migratory birds, bird watching is a popular activity that you may indulge in on your tour to Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary. In case you want to camp inside this sanctuary, you would require special permission to do so.

So, come to Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary, Orissa during your trip to Orissa so that you can look at all the things mentioned above and more.