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Padmatala Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Orissa

Main Wildlife Attractions: Pond

Best Time to Visit:October to March

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Cities closest to this place are Angul, Talcher and Dhenkanal which are 58 kms, 78 kms and 120 kms respectively. The Airport at Bhubaneswar, at a distance of 160-km is the nearest one while the closest rail station is at Angul. Padmatala Sanctuary should be preferably visited between October to March. Inside this sanctuary, there is a pond which is very famous. Wild animals of the region utilize this pond as a watering hole. During most of the evenings, you can view a wonderful diversity of wildlife at this pond.

Padmatala Sanctuary of Orissa is one of the most remarkable vistas of forest and river, namely the river Mahanadi and 'Satkosia Gorge'. You would be quite mesmerized to have a look at the wide range of wildlife at this place. Especially, the Gharials of this sanctuary deserve a special mention. This is also the perfect place for angling, boating in addition to some other adventure sports. The hills and forest in the vicinity of this place boast of some fascinating varieties of fauna that attract a lot of tourists round the year.

So, brush aside any dilemma, if you still have them. Hurry to book your position for a tour to Padmatala Sanctuary, Orissa. Take our words that you would have a tour to your heart's delight at this place!