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Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Orissa

Main Wildlife Attractions: barking deer, tiger, gaur, leopard, nilgai, sambar,mouse deer

Coverage Area: 255 km²

Established: 1992

Best Time to Visit:October to May

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Plan a comprehensive excursion to these wildlife sanctuaries here to get a true picture of wilderness. These reserves are ideal for nature lovers and animal enthusiasts alike. Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of 12 kilometers from Bhawanipatna and makes for an ideal tourist attraction in Orissa.

The main vegetation of Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary consists of lush greenery and deciduous forests. This supports the wildlife population of this sanctuary. The government of Orissa has taken initiative to preserve and conserve these sanctuaries for a healthy wildlife population in order to strike a balance in the ecosystem of the place. Plans are chalked out, trees have been planted and a vigorous breeding program has already started to bear fruit. There is a scenic picnic spot close by the Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary where leisure tourist can take a stroll. It was upgraded as a sanctuary 1992.

Some of the animal species that you could well come face to face in Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary are Sambal, leopard, gaur, Nilgai, mouse deer, barking deer. This sanctuary also houses a rich variety of avian life.

The best time to visit the Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary is from October to May. The nearest station is in Raipi. You can avail the many government guesthouses in Bhawanipatna. However, one particular guesthouse lies inside the wildlife sanctuary. Make an early booking with to avoid last minute rush.