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Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Jammu and Kashmir

Main Wildlife Attractions: Garal, langur, wild boars, leopards , Blue rock pigeon, Red jungle fowl, peafowl, Chir pheasants

Coverage Area: 34 sq. km

Established: 1990

Best Time to Visit:September to March

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Located at a distance of about 28 km from Jammu city, the Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary has received its name from the nearby Nandini village. A visit to the Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary will certainly not disappoint any nature or wild life lover.

How to reach Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary

By Air

Nearest railhead is at Jammu at a distance of about 28 km.

By Rail

Nearest airport is at Jammu at a distance of about 26 km

By Road

Buses are available from Jammu as well as from Srinagar which is 274 km away.

The varied topography, the idyllic surroundings, provide the perfect ambience for a large variety of wild animals. Many endangered species of animals, rarely to be sighted elsewhere, are found in the Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary. Words fail to describe the thrill and delight of watching many exotic animals ambling about in this stunning environs.

Even though the Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary is credited with being the home of a wide range of animals and birds, it is best known for its significant population of pheasants. Some of the animals that can be sighted in this scenic sanctuary include the leopard, wild boar, rhesus monkey, bharal, grey langur, goral, Indian fox, barking deer, two species of civet cats, jungle cat, hare, common leopard, rhesus monkey, mongoose, five-striped squirrel and porcupine.

Bird lovers will also not be disappointed after a visit to the Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary. Some of the members of the bird kingdom that you will get to see here are the Babblers, great jungle fowl, barbets, bee-eaters, bulbul, Indian mynah, blue rock pigeon, peafowl, red jungle fowl, chir pheasants, chakor etc. It is a pleasurable experience to be watching so many beautiful winged creatures at the same place taking to the skies at fits and starts, though the greatest attractions perennially remain the Indian pea fowl and the Kalij pheasant.

The months of March, April and May are best suited for bird watching. For the animal lovers, September to March is more conducive for a visit.

The striking locale of the Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary along with its rich flora and fauna will surely find a place in your memory after a visit.