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Adventure Sports in Assam

The Northeast Indian state of Assam welcomes all adventure enthusiasts to have the best experience of their life. With rapidly flowing rivers, rugged terrains, exotic hill areas, and vast valleys, there are many options available for adventure sports in Assam. Whether you love trekking, cycling, rock climbing, or anything else, you will find a lot of adrenaline-pumping adventure activities that will keep you thrilled throughout your adventure holiday in Assam.

In the past several years, adventure tourism in Assam has gained a pace and is continuing to lure more and more adventurers to the state. Assam is known for a variety of adventure sports and if you want to experience the thrill, then Assam is the perfect place. With our Assam tour packages, you can partake in outdoor activities and enjoy the vacation with your loved ones.

Here are the best adventure sports in Assam for a thrilling experience.

Jeep Safari of Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is known for housing the endangered one-horned rhinoceros. And what better way to explore and witness the extensive flora and fauna than the jeep safari of Kaziranga National Park. On this jeep safari, see tigers, buffaloes, elephants, pythons, a herd of deer, and many other mammals and birds. Read more here.

Elephant Safari at Kaziranga & Manas National Park

The national parks in Assam have tropical semi-evergreen and deciduous forests that shelter many animals and birds. To explore all of them, the elephant safari is one of the best adventure activities in Assam. All the wildlife lovers will love the excitement of riding an elephant amidst nature and exploring the wild.

If you want to experience an elephant safari, November to April is the best time to visit Kaziranga. Apart from these months, it remains closed for the rest of the year.

Brahmaputra River Rafting in Assam

River rafting in Assam is one of the most adventurous activities. The tributaries like Manas, Jia Bhorolo, and Kapili are really famous for rafting as the current is so high and perfect for a thrilling ride. There are class 3, class 4, and class 5 rapids available for river rafting.

Parasailing in Assam

With more and more adventure lovers coming to Assam for parasailing, it has become one of the best adventure activities in Assam. Guwahati is the popular parasailing spot in Assam. If you want to fly high and feel the cool breeze past your face, visit Assam.

River Cruise in Assam

River cruise in Assam on one of the greatest rivers in the world, Brahmaputra is an experience in itself. It is offered by Assam Tourism and also by private operators. For wildlife lovers, nature lovers, and avid travellers, it is a great way to explore the best of Assam.

Kayaking in Assam

Kayaking on the azure waters while soaking in the golden rays and admiring nature is the perfect way to spend time in Assam. Kayaking in Assam will make you fall in love with the surroundings as you will witness the stunning scenery around you.

Rock Climbing in Assam

There are many places for rock climbing in Assam as it is one of the most adventurous sports in Assam. In Guwahati, places like Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary and Assam State Zoo have rock climbing opportunities. Rock climbing is amazing for people who want to try something new to add a bit of adventure to the trip.

Fishing in Assam

Fishing is not the preferred adventure sport of many but it is one of the most fun activities. The Jia Bhoroli river is home to the fierce game fish, the Golden Mahseer, and more and attracts a number of fishers from both outside the state and abroad in November or December.

Cycling in Assam

The hilly terrains make cycling in Assam much fun as it challenges mountain bikers. In collaboration with ATDC Ltd. and other adventure organizations, Assam Tourism Department has organized numerous cycling and motorbike rallies in Assam, where foreign nationals and groups have also participated.


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