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Restaurants in Haridwar

The holy city on the Ganges and the first major pilgrimage in the Garhwal region, Haridwar draws lakhs and lakhs of tourists every year. The restaurants in Haridwar are mostly vegetarian keeping in mind the religious significance of the place. The hotels, dharamshalas and restaurants in Haridwar are bent on carefully preserving the religious sentiments and air of the place and so meat, fish and eggs are banned within the limits of the city of Haridwar.

Mohan's Fast Food

located near the Chitra Cinema on the Railway Rd, offers veggie burgers, pizzas and Gujarati food. It also has a good collection of ice cream. Hotel Mansarover International offers lodging but also has a good restaurant. However, this restaurant is a bit more expensive than the other places.

Bestee Restaurant

located at the Shiv Murti area, near the Hotel Panama, this restaurant serves Chinese, shakes, breakfast and South Indian food.

Hotel Hoshiyar Puri

located on the main road by the famous Hari-ki-Pauri ghat, is over 50 years old and is one of the busiest and best known thali places in town.

Chotiwala Restaurant

opposite the Tourist Office, isone of the most popular and oldest of restaurants in Haridwar. You can get good thalis at this place.

Siwalik Restaurant

Siwalik Restaurant is just a few shops down from the Chotiwala Restaurant. It churns out good Gujarati and South Indian food.

Bride Mathura Walla

Bride Mathura Walla is located in the middle of Bara Bazaar. The shop has an excellent collection of good Indian sweetmeats