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Orissa Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Orissa

Odisha is located on the eastern of the state of India and is the pilgrim's hub of eastern India. This quaint state flaunts 500 exquisite temples and the tempo of modern life is in sync with the glorious past of this beautiful temple state.

  • Puri Rath Yatra
Orissa At a Glance
  • Capital City:Bhubaneswar
  • Average Climate:8°C - 40°C
  • Best Time to Visit:October - March

Orissa Travel Guide

Odisha tourism knows how to describe Diversity and History through its wide range of elements. Architectural wonders, heritage sites, temples, and relics are attractions of Odisha. But wait until you explore its unpolluted beaches, national park, culture, heritage sites, and tradition. Then you will know why it is one of the emerging states in the tourism world. The capital of Odisha -Bhubaneswar is well known as the City of Temple because once, this city had thousands of temples.

This beautiful state is viewed as the spiritual destination because of the abode of lots of temples. However, the best of this state is still yet to explore. The coastline of 480 km has something more than you expect and is waiting to be explored by tourists. Being blessed with this coastline, scenic beaches, sublime rivers, serene lakes of this state offer an opportunity to redefine the fun and thrill in your dictionary. You can enjoy thrilling water sports, nature walks, sightseeing, and observing the ocean view with a breathtaking sunset. This Odisha travel guide presents all the famous along with hidden gems for making your vacation commendable.

Odisha Tourism: An Overview & Important Facts About Odisha

Odisha Tourism Information
Region Eastern india
Capital Bhubaneshwar
Area 155,707 Square Kilometer
Best Time to Visit Oct - Feb (Winter Season)
Local Language Odia
Total District 30
Major Festivals Puri Beach Festival, International Sand Art Festival, Rath Yatra
Tourism Attractions Temples, Beaches, Heritage Sites, Culture

Pilgrimage Tourism in Odisha 

Spiritual vibes, an architectural wonder, and brilliant architecture are integral parts of your Pilgrimage tour in Odisha. With plenty of holy places and temples of different religions, this state is one of the best pilgrimage destinations in India. While the majority of these places belong to Hindu and Buddhist religions that host festivals and religious events. When it comes to festivals, Rath Yatra is a famous festival of Odisha that is held between June and July annually. Plan your Odisha spiritual tour during the summer to celebrate this festival. By attending this festival, you will glorify your Spiritual tour in Odisha. But if you want to explore the temples of Odisha, October to March is the best time to visit Odisha.

Best Temples of Odisha:

Jagannath Temple, Konark Sun Temple, Mukteshwar Temple, Taratarini Temple, Lingaraja Temple, and Gupteshwar Temple are some of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in Odisha.

Heritage Tourism in Odisha

With a rich historical background of around two thousand years, Odisha is full of historical places and heritage monuments. Historical places are connected with rich culture, history, and art that will win your heart in a fraction of a second. The Odisha heritage tour will offer you a chance to know more about the Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist architecture. Besides that, you will explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites, caves and stupas, and forts. For history lovers, Heritage tourism of Odisha is a delightful trip that connects them with the past. These monuments and historical sites of Odisha will make history more and give a better outlook on the past than history books.

Best Heritage Sites of Odisha:

Khandagiri Caves, Sisupalgarh fort in Bhubaneswar, Kuruma, Langudi, Dhauli, and Udayagiri are some of the best places to visit in Odisha for heritage tours.

Beach Tourism in Odisha 

Experiencing the blue shade of nature is one of the best things to do in Odisha. Yes! We are talking about the beaches in Odisha that do not come into the mind of tourists but surely deserve a place on the bucket list. The 480 km shoreline faces Odisha to make it one of the best beach states in the country. But unfortunately, the water beauty has remained untouched by tourists.  During your Odisha tour, you must explore the beaches of Odisha to see the calm water, soft sand, breathtaking views, and thrilling water sports. From having the Blue Flag certificate to home to Olive Ridley turtle, the beaches are truly bliss for you.

Best Beaches in Odisha:

Puri Beach, Gopalpur Beach, Chandipur Beach, and ChandraBhaga beach are some of the best Odisha Places to visit for enjoyment. 

Corporate and MICE Tourism in Odisha

Odisha is home to an electrifying combination of nature and history that offers loads of attractions. If you have decided to enjoy the office tour in Odisha, this choice is befitting for you. MICE Tourism in Odisha will open doors for unique experiences. You will have a chance to explore the ancient temples, heritage sites, unpolluted beaches, wildlife, national parks, and villages. Each element of this state keeps you engaged with experiences, surprises, and beauty. You can indulge in group activities in Odisha with your friends and leave behind monotonous schedules. Throughout your corporate tour in Odisha, you can unravel the beauty of forests, beaches, hills, and waterfalls. Sounds Interesting? Right! The experience of all is far more fascinating.

Things to do in Odisha for Corporate Tour:

Visit temples, explore the historical sites, indulge in water sports, learn about the lifestyle of villages, shop for handicraft items.

Family Holiday in Odisha

If you want to plan your family trip to Odisha, make some space in your heart for excitement. There is so much to experience, things to do and see in Odisha. Because marks of history and shades of nature lie in each corner of this state. The charm of Odisha will uniquely amaze you. With that being said, you can literally see and experience the attractions of Odisha at the same time. Whether it is beaches, temples, wildlife, rivers, historical forts, or villages, this state is packed with all. Being one of those states that are less- explored but still have the potential to make your vacation eventful, Odisha is the hidden gem of the country.

Things to do for a Family Trip in Odisha:

Get blessings from temples, enjoy picnics at beaches,   explore caves, visit heritage sites.

Odisha For Solo Travelers

Solo traveling in Odisha is more than just a mode of travel. It is a way to give your life a great turning point in multiple ways. Whether you want to establish a spiritual connection, want to know your inner self, welcome some new experiences to your life, or need a direction for your directionless life, this eastern state of India is bliss for you. These are some aspects that may match your condition to plan your solo trip to Odisha. Most of the people have a centric thought about Odisha that leads them towards Puri because it has one of the Char Dham- Jagannath Temple. But trust the beauty of Odisha and plan your trip in Odisha.

Things to do for solo trip in Odisha:

Visit Buddhist Archaeological Site, explore caves, have sunbathe, long walk around the coastline, indulge in the thrill of water sports.

Girls Special Tour in Odisha

Embark on a girls trip for Odisha and explore the new attraction with your every move. The beauty has many variants that you can uncover throughout your trip. After covering the prominent attractions like temples, historical sites, and beaches, there are many more things that keep you entertained. Museums, forts, caves, villages, and local shopping markets take responsibility to make your vacation more exciting. If you want to enhance your travel experience, be a part of festivals and learn about the culture of Odisha. The musical and dance performance will grab the attention and add wow factors to your trip. From exploring to doing there is no shortage in Odisha that makes it an ideal destination for your girls trip. 

Things to do for a Girls Trip in Odisha:

Shopping for handicraft items, enjoying photography on the beach, exploring the wildlife, and paying a visit to temples.

Pet-Friendly Tourism in Odisha

If questions about how to plan a trip to Odisha with your pet are your concern, Odisha tourism has the answer in the form of pet-friendly hotels. You can plan your Odisha tour with your furry friend without worrying about the stay. The facilities and fun both are in your favor. You can have a good time with your pet on the beaches of Odisha. The waves are in front of you, the sun is about to hide in it, and a cool breeze touches your face. Is it not that moment that you would love to share with your loving pet? If you said Yes! Then plan your trip to Odisha and spend some time with your pet.

Best Pet- Friendly Hotels in Odisha:

Nirman Beach Homestay, Sweet Villa, Ratna Resort, Hotel Sun City, Hotel Nishi.


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