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Nature Camps in Odisha

Odisha, a state in the east, is truly blessed with lush green forests, birds, rivers, animals, lakes, mountains, and waterfalls. To fully embrace the beauty of Odisha, one needs to see it in person. And for this, there are nature camps in Odisha. These camps give you an opportunity to witness the wildlife and stay at eco-friendly camps that Odisha’s Forest Department has built. Located inside wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, these nature camps allow you to observe the best of nature from close. Modern facilities are provided inside the camps and you can spend time in solitude. The forest stays in Odisha is a thrilling experience you should try at least once in your lifetime.

Here are the famous nature camps in Odisha.

1. Bhitarkanika Nature Camp

Located on the eastern coast of the Bay of Bengal, Bhitarkanika Nature Camp has 3 camps namely Dangamal, Habalikhati, and Gupti. This nature camp is situated inside the second largest mangrove forest in the country. Habalikahati Nature Camp located at the beachside attracts most tourists due to the presence of Dolphins. Activities like crocodile and Dolphin watching, and Olive Riddle turtles watching, make it one of the best nature camps in Odisha.

Best time to visit: September to March

2. Similipal Nature Camp

There are 5 nature camps inside the Simlipal National Park for night halt. These are named Barehipani, Jamunai, Kumari, Gurguriam, and Ramtirtha. While Barehipani, Jamunai, Kumari, and Gurguriam can be found inside the national park, Ramtirtha is located near the park in Jashipur. You can stay at beautiful eco-cottages here and try various activities such as trekking, animal sightseeing, jungle safari, birding, farm visits, and interaction with locals.

Best time to visit:
November to March

3. Satkosia Nature Camp

Just like Similipal, Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary also has 5 camps - Tikarpada, Chhotkei, Baghamunda, Purunakote, and Tarva. Each one of these has a unique style and cannot be compared with each other. They are some of the best nature camps in Odisha to spend time in nature and indulge in boating in the Mahanadi river, trekking, birding, and nature and wildlife photography. Stay at the beautiful camps in Odisha and get the experience of nature up close.

Best time to visit:
November to March

4. Badmul Nature Camp

Located at Badmul in Nayagarh District, Badmul Nature Camp is among the best nature camps in Odisha. Also called Satkosia Sand Resorts, these camps are situated inside the Satkosia Sanctuary and near the bank of the Mahanadi river. If you love nature, then catch the spectacular views from this nature camp and try out various activities provided at the Badmul Nature Camp like star gazing, boating, trekking, and animal sightseeing.

Best time to visit:
November to March

5. Debrigarh Nature Camp

Debrigarh Nature Camp is a beautiful and eco-friendly camp located in Debrigarh Sanctuary in Odisha. The camps are placed near the Hirakud Reservoir and offer beautiful views of the surroundings. Debrigarh Nature Camp has 13 well-furnished rooms with modern facilities and offers tourists a comfortable stay amidst the forest. Also, the camp is managed by the local community, and therefore, you can savor delicious local cuisines.

Best time to visit: November to March

6. Chilika Nature Camp

Also known as bird's paradise, Chikila nature camp is one of the best nature camps in Odisha. It has a lake that receives thousands of migratory birds during the winter season. Moreover, Chilika has 3 camps - Mangalajodi Nature Camp, Rajhans Nature Camp, and Brahmpura Nature camp. All the camps have well-maintained rooms with great facilities. Boating, bird watching, and nature photography are some activities offered at the camps.

Best time to visit: November to February

7. Nuanai Nature Camp

With 10 double bedded AC tents, the Nuanai Nature Camp in Odisha provides you a comfortable stay amidst forests. These nature camps in Odisha are located near the Bay of Bengal within the Balukhand-Konark Sanctuary. You will get to stay in well-furnished and beautifully designed tents with Odia local food. While at Nuanai Nature Camp indulge in boating, birding, sightseeing, and sports and games.

Best time to visit:
Winter and Summer months

8. Rissia Nature Camp

Rissia Nature Camp is situated in the middle forest region of the Kuldiha Sanctuary. It is at the tri-junction of Baleswar, Mayurbhanj, and Keonjhar District. The camps have 9 double bedded NON-AC tented accommodation and all the tents are well-furnished and beautifully designed. Apart from this, this nature camp in Odisha offers various exciting activities that will keep you captivated. Also, the tents have solar lights and solar fans promoting eco-tourism.

Best time to visit: October to May

9. Bichitrapur Nature Camp

Located in Balesore, Odisha, Bichitrapur Nature Camp is one of the notable nature camps in Odisha. It is situated under the mangrove forest of Bichitrapur, near the Subarnarekha river. Here, you can rejuvenate your mind at 4 beautiful and well-furnished AC cottages, which provides modern facilities for a comfortable stay. Indulge in boating, trekking, birding, and do not forget to interact with the locals.

Best time to visit: October and March

10. Daringbadi Nature Camp

Known as the ‘Kashmir of Odisha’, Daringbadi has nature camps built by the Odisha Government. All these camps in Odisha are located close to the nature park and offer a peaceful ambiance with magnificent views. Daringbadi Nature Camp is one of the best nature camps in Odisha and has 10 cottages surrounded by thick forests and beautiful landscapes. Do not forget to indulge in various activities offered here.

Best time to visit: December to February

11. Belghar Nature Camp

Belghar is perched at an altitude of about 2555 feet above sea level and is mainly inhabited by a river called ‘Kutia Kandha’. The nature camps in Belghar are also located on the hill slopes in the middle of the forest and offer spectacular vistas. Belghar has one of the best nature camps in Odisha to stay close to nature and see animals in their natural habitat. With 4 NON-AC well-furnished rooms and basic facilities, this nature camp is perfect to spend your weekend.

Best time to visit: November to March

12. Phulbani Nature Camp

With beautiful landscapes, valleys, and nature trails, Phulbani is blessed with two types of nature camps in Odisha - Mandasaru Valley Nature Camp and Phulbani Nature Camp. Both of them have well-managed rooms and all modern facilities. Not just this, they are looked after by the local tribal people, and therefore, you can taste authentic Odia food here. Do indulge in activities like forest and mountain trekking, and interact with the locals.

Best time to visit:
Summer months

13. Chandaka Nature Camp

Chandka Sanctuary, which has an elephant sanctuary and a wildlife reserve, the Odisha Government has built 2 nature camps inside it namely, Deras Nature Camp and Godabari Nature Camp. The Deras Nature Camp is known for Deras Dam and has 8 NON-AC cottages, while Godabari Nature Camp is placed in the middle of Chandaka-Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary and has 8 AC rooms. Jungle Safari and boating at Deras Reservoir are popular activities to do here.

Best time to visit:
All round the year

14. Blackbuck Nature Camp

Blackbuck Nature Camp is located in the middle of Ganjam district’s small village called Bhetanai. It is home to herds of Blackbucks. Not only this but it also houses 3 nature camps for visitors, namely, Chermeria Nature Camp, Saluapalli Nature Camp, and Bhanjanagar Nature Camp. These camps are one of the best nature camps in Odisha with well-kept AC and NON-AC rooms that offer a comfortable night stay.

Best time to visit: July to November

15. Giant Squirrel Nature Camp

This nature camp is home to one of the most beautiful creatures of this world, giant squirrels. Kaliamba, a village at Bhanjanagar is blessed with giant squirrels. The nature camp, however, has two camps in the middle of the Kaliamba forest - one resthouse and one treehouse. These treehouses are among some amazing nature camps in Odisha standing at a height of 30 feet from the ground level. Not just this but they are well-ventilated and are uniquely designed.

Best time to visit: October to June

16. Sana Ghagara Nature Camp

Sana Ghagara Nature Camp in Odisha is situated near the stunning Sana Ghagra waterfall at Keonjhar District. The eco-tourism complex is placed in the heart of the Machha Kandana river and forest landscape. Visit Sana Ghagra Nature Camp and have a cozy stay. Choose from its 5 double bedded rooms and 1 right bedded room with all the amenities. Also, do not forget to indulge in activities offered at this nature camp in Odisha.

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

17. Khandadhar Nature Camp

Khandadhar waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls in India is located in the Sundargarh district. This nature camp in Odisha has another attraction, the Pauri Bhuiya tribes. You can stay in its 10 luxurious rooms for the night - 6 on a hillock towards the waterfall and 4 inside the eco-park. Apart from this, you can also see and interact with tribal people working inside the Khandadhar Nature Camp. Note - it is a plastic-free zone.

Best time to visit: Winter months

18. Mahavinayak Nature Camp

Mahavinayak Nature Camp is one of the best nature camps in Odisha. Apart from this, the nearby attraction Mahavinayak Temple in Chandikhol is visited for its religious importance. Devotees who pay a visit to this temple can stay in these nature camps built by the Odisha Government. It has 3 rooms with modern facilities and so many activities like forest trekking, star gazing, and photography keep devotees captivated.

Best time to visit: October to March

19. Olasuni Nature Camp

Situated in the Jaipur district in Odisha, Olasuni Nature Camps have 3 well-furnished cottages. These are built in a unique style on the slope of a hill. Olasuni HIll is a popular ancient Buddhist site of 1st century BC. Not just this but it is also called the temple of Goddess Olasuni and Olasuni caves. Trekking, nature photography, and visiting nearby places are some of the things to do at this nature camp.

Best time to visit: NA

20. Saptasajya Nature Camp

Situated amidst a range of seven hills of Saptasajya, this location displays the ancient story of Pandavas. The eco-cottages of Saptasajya Nature Camp are built for visitors in the middle of the forest and offer a range of exciting activities. The rooms at this camp have 2 double bedded suites, fully furnished with AC. Spend a night and partake in forest trekking, nature walks and cycling in one of the best nature camps in Odisha.

Best time to visit: NA

21. Sidhamula Nature Camp

Sidhamula Nature Camp is one of the most peaceful nature camps in Odisha. The dense forest is full of greenery, blue waters of the Mahanadi river, and scenic valleys. Apart from its beauty, the nature camp is placed amidst Mahukana Mundia and Malati Mundia. Here you can spend a comfortable night in its 4 well-furnished rooms with all the basic amenities. Also, the view from this nature camp is out of this world.

Best time to visit: Winter months

22.  Sarafgarh Nature Camp

Located on the banks of the Sarafgarh Dam and Reservoir, this is a great nature camp in Odisha to spend time in solitude. It is surrounded by lush green forest, which provides shelter to leopards, elephants, wild pigs, barking deer, porcupine, and much more. Sarafgarh Nature Camp has 8 well-furnished rooms with all the modern facilities. Also, boating, animal sightseeing, and birding are popular things to do here.

Best time to visit: October to March

23. Ansupa Nature Camp

With 3 Bamboo cottages and non-ac yet comfortable rooms, Ansupa Nature Camp is one of the best nature camps in Odisha. There is a large freshwater lake in its vicinity that is spread across an area of 382 km. These nature camps are situated on a hilltop and offer scenic views of the surroundings. It is managed by an eco-tourism group and offers various activities like boating, trekking, a visit to Saranda hill fort, and bird watching,

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

24. Berbera Nature Camp

Located in the middle of the forest, Berbera Nature Camp is one of the best nature camps in Odisha offering a stay amidst nature. Berbera forest is famous for its natural habitat and its history with British officers. Not just this but the forest has many rare medicinal plants as well. There are 3 double bedded well-maintained cottages for the visitors and has many activities to keep them entertained.

Best time to visit: NA

25. Chitrakonda Nature Camp

Chitrakonda in Malkangiri district is known for Balimela Dam and the local tribes. You can interact with the locals here to get a glimpse of their lives. Chitrakonda Nature Camp is among the best ones and has unique designs with 4 AC rooms with all the modern facilities. It offers a comfortable stay to its guests and also promotes ecotourism through its eco-cottages.

Best time to visit:

26. Satiguda Nature Camp

Satiguda Dam is a large man-made lake in Malkangiri Forest Range. The dam was made to provide water to the nearest cities. It houses nature camps and offers cozy nights amidst the greenery of nature. Near the dam, some cottages are built to offer the visitors a nice stay. There are 4 well-furnished AC cottages with basic facilities and also have activities like boating and forest trekking that will keep you fascinated.

Best time to visit: NA


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