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Tourist Attractions in Meerut

Meerut is a significant tourism destination in Uttar Pradesh. The city boasts of some very important historical as well as cultural heritage sites. These sites are dotted all over the town and therefore they can only be covered via private cabs.

Meerut is one of the most imperative towns in the Northern part of India. The town, located in Western Uttar Pradesh boasts a rich and long history behind it. The city was included in Hastinapur Empire of Kaurvas that ruled the Vedic India and was the protagonists of Hindu Epic of Mahabharata. The city again rose to eminence in medieval times when it defended itself vehemently but fruitlessly against Timor The Lame.

There are number of tourist attractions in Meerut. You can take a trip to the famous monuments of Meerut or visit the gorgeous gardens in Meerut that are counted among the famous Meerut tourist attractions. Monuments in Meerut are examples of great architecture and speak of the glorious past. These monuments erected in memory of some great heroes have made great influences upon human life. A visit to the monuments in Meerut will transport you to the past.

While in your leisure times you can enjoy strolling in the vast expanses of the gardens in Meerut. The gardens with blooming flowers will refresh your mind and soul. Breathe in some fresh air and get away from the busy city life. Unwind peacefully at the shades of the tress at the opulent gardens in Meerut.

To offer your prayers and to attain spirituality you can visit the holy places in Meerut. Major attractions of Meerut are the famous holy places which are brilliant manifestations of great architectural grandeurs. The temples dates back to ancient times and are true exemplary of exquisite architecture. 

A major tourist attraction of Meerut is Sardhana which is situated 20 kilometers from the Meerut Town. The place houses a well-known Catholic Church built in the year 1822 by Begum Samru.

Places of interest in Meerut include Hastinapur which is the earliest capital of Kaurvas rulers of Hindu Epic Mahabharata. The place however is more renowned for its Jain Temples these days. Acharya Kharatargatchh has described 4 stoops (pillars) at the time of his visit. The Shwetambar temple is renovated recently. The establishment of Digambara Temple followed it.

The Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) is positioned just 70 Kilometers from Meerut. Tours to Meerut is inspirational, educational and at the same time unexplainable.


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