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Shopping in Uttar Pradesh

Shopping in Uttar Pradesh is an absolute delight. The state boasts of a rich tradition of handicrafts, which make for the admired items that the shoppers look forward to buying while shopping in Uttar Pradesh.

Shopping places in Uttar Pradesh are flooded with stone carvings and embroidery that are raised to the level of art by the deft and highly skilled artisans of Uttar Pradesh. While Mathura and Varanasi have developed the stone carvings, Agra and Uttar Pradesh the state capital is the seat of embroidery in Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh shopping caters to every need and desire of the travelers.

You start from the western Uttar Pradesh, Moradabad should be your first destination. The place is admired all over the world for its brassware and bronzes. Tourists can shop for stunning bronze and copper items that include small busts and statues, utensils, mementoes and memorabilia. These are a must buy items during your tours to Uttar Pradesh. Very close by is Aligarh, a town well known for its locks. The locks that are manufactured here are exported throughout the world. Even the famous 'Chinese Locks' are produced in Aligarh only. Close by are Saharanpur and Bareilly; towns that are famous for furniture. Saharanpur is renowned for its wooden furniture and Bareilly excels in Wrought Iron goods. Uttar Pradesh shopping is an activity that every single tourist likes to indulge into.

In the eastern Uttar Pradesh region, Varanasi is a great place to shop for. The city is renowned for its Zardozi works. These are done on various items such as clothes, mirrors and woods. The city is also famous for its saris. The Banarsi Saris are a must buy in Indian weddings. These saris are very heavy but very attractive and are must buy for every woman. Besides, there are many other items for shopping in Uttar Pradesh, like leatherwork in Kanpur and the glassware of Firozabad.

Uttar Pradesh, the capital city, is one of the best places for shopping in Uttar Pradesh. The first thing that comes to your mind about shopping in Uttar Pradesh is of course the famous Chikan work of Uttar Pradesh. Chikan is the legendary thread work that is done by the accomplished craftsmen of Uttar Pradesh. It is combined with Zardosi (embroidery with gold and silver threads) and crystal work and used for embellishing the clothes for women, men, kids, mats, bed sheets, table mats and just about anything you can think of. They make great gifts and striking souvenirs. It is one of the prettiest things that can enhance the beauty of any clothes. Buying Uttar Pradesh chikan work will be the obvious choice while shopping in Uttar Pradesh. The world-renowned chikan work garments, be it saris, kurtas or dupattas make exceptional gifts to carry home. Uttar Pradesh is also well-known for its shops of jewelry and ornaments.

Meerut is the largest producer of musical instruments in the country. Do buy a few good ones if you are a real lover of music. Meerut is also one of the major suppliers of sports goods in the world. Shopping in Uttar Pradesh is enthralling.

Uttar Pradesh markets reflect a true picture of the state's cosmopolitan and contemporary lifestyle with a unique blend of traditionalism. Enjoy your shopping and be alert about the prices. Bargain your heart out and shop for every popular item.

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