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Uttar Pradesh Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Uttar Pradesh

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Uttar Pradesh At a Glance
  • Capital City:Lucknow
  • Average Climate:Tropical monsoon type climate with variations in altitudes. The Himalayan region is cold, while the weather in the plains varies in different seasons.
  • Best Time to Visit:Throughout the year, though the best climate is experienced from Oct.-Mar.

Uttar Pradesh Travel Guide

Uttar Pradesh, the name that conjures to beauty, magnificence, dominance, glory and many more offers some of the best tours to the visitors. The state referred to be in the cow or the Hindi speaking belt in the India has always been the frontrunner in many movements of the country and has played a dominant role in Indian politics, culture and the independence movement. The state which is nurtured by the love of river Ganges offers loads to the visitors from all over the world. Tour to Uttar Pradesh is an indispensable part of the India tour as the travelers get a clear insight into the cultural implications of the lifestyle of India and its various cultures.

Uttar Pradesh tour offers myriad opportunities to explore the various shades of life and cultures. The various cities of the state reflect different pictures of life and lifestyle in Uttar Pradesh that makes the state a colorful and interesting proposition for the travelers.

The various languages spoken in the state are Hindi, Urdu and English along with the various dialects of Hindi. The state has loads to offer that features the best of plain stretch for miles, the hill stations, the grandeur of the rivers and the legacy of the royal rulers, Uttar Pradesh has it all!

Uttar Pradesh also serves as a major tourists spot for the religious travelers with pilgrimages for both the Hindus and Buddhists. The state of Uttar Pradesh is the home to places like Varanasi, and Sarnath which is believed to be the place where Buddha first preached his message.

A visit to Uttar Pradesh also takes the tourists to a tour of beauty and appreciation. The magnificence of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal, the famed Fatehpur Sikri, the Ghats along the Ganges and Yamuna, the amazing Hill Stations and the exhilarating Wildlife Reserve; a complete trip to savor all your life.

The capital city of the state, Lucknow offers a glimpse of rich cultural heritage and the royal history of the place. The city was built by the Nawabs and still follows the manners religiously. The main drew of Lucknow are the Bara Imambara, the Chota Imambara, the Residency and the Rumi Darwaza, all signs of the rich legacy of the state. The state also beholds the beauty of Agra, which offers the famed Taj Mahal along with the numerous other monuments.

Languages Spoken in Uttar Pradesh

Hindi, Urdu, and English along with the various dialects of Hindi.

Where is Uttar Pradesh located?

Uttar Pradesh prevails in the north-central part of India. It is bounded by Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh on the north-west, Haryana and Delhi on the west, Rajasthan on the south-west, Madhya Pradesh on the south, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand on the south-east, and Bihar on the east.

Why should you visit Uttar Pradesh?

The state of Uttar Pradesh has loads to offer that features the best of plain stretch for miles, the hill stations, the grandeur of the rivers, and the legacy of the royal rulers.

It also serves as a major tourist spot for religious travelers with pilgrimages for both the Hindus and Buddhists. The places like Varanasi and Sarnath are believed to be the place where Buddha first preached his message.

The beauty of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal, the famous Fatehpur Sikri, the Ghats along the Ganges and Yamuna, the amazing Hill Stations, and the exhilarating Wildlife Reserve; a complete trip to savor all your life.

  • Pilgrimage - Prayagraj, Varanasi, Vrindavan, Ayodhya, Sarnath
  • Wildlife - Bakhira Sanctuary, Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary, Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary, Kachhua Sanctuary, Kaimur Sanctuary, Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Hill Stations - Kamadgiri Hill Station, Lakshman Pahari Hill Station
  • Adventure - Cycling, Boating
  • Waterfalls - Rajdari and Devdari Waterfalls, Lakhaniya Hills and Waterfalls, Mukkha Falls, Tanda Falls, Wyndham Falls, Chundari Falls
  • Lakes -Ramgarhtaal and Chiluataal, Bakhira Jheel, Karela and Etauja Jheel Nawabgunj Jheel, Badataal, Payag Jheel, Jirgo and Tirsi Lake
  • Rivers -Ganga, Yamuna, Tamsa, Ghaghara, Gomti, Sarda, Ramganga, Betwa, Rapti
  • Yoga and Ayurveda -Varanasi
  • Shopping -Kinari Bazaar, Sadar Bazaar, Raja ki Mandi, Aminabad Market, Hazratganj, Nakhas Market, Alambagh Market, Chowk Lucknow
  • Popular Local Food -Bharwan Chicken Pasanda, Mutton Kofta, Bhindi ka Salan, Bedmi, Petha, Khasta Kachori, Allahabad Surkha Guava, Kebabs, Biryani.

How to Reach Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is linked to the major Indian states and their cities. You can easily reach Uttar Pradesh by air, train, and road.

By Flight: With four domestic airports at Lucknow, Agra, Kanpur, and Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh is well-connected to the major cities of the country. You can book flights from cities such as New Delhi, Kolkata, Patna, and Mumbai through domestic flight operators.

By Train: The main railway station of Uttar Pradesh is at Lucknow. Other significant railway junctions are Agra, Kanpur, Faizabad, Allahabad, Mughal Sarai, Jhansi, Moradabad, Varanasi, Tundla, Gorakhpur, Gonda, Bareilly, and Sitapur. All the cities and towns of the state are well-connected to different parts of the country via rail.

By Road: The state is connected to prominent cities of the country via national highways, state highways, and district roads. State and private roadways buses run on a regular basis between Uttar Pradesh and other significant areas of India.

How to get around

You can use local transport in Uttar Pradesh such as rickshaw, tempo, cycle rickshaws, and hired taxis. A horse cart is another unique way to travel in this state. You can also use regular bus services provided by the government all over the state. Private taxis and local trains are also great options for tourists to travel around the state and individual cities.

Best time to visit Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh can be visited all throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Uttar Pradesh is from October to March. During this time, the weather gets pleasant and the air gets cooler.

Summer (March to June) : The temperature starts rising in the summer months and becomes sweltering and humid. If you visit during this time, take part in the Holi festival celebrated with enthusiasm in Barsana. Mahashivratri is another festival celebrated during summer.

Monsoon (July to October) : Monsoon hits Uttar Pradesh at the end of July. It receives moderate rainfalls, which bring relief after the extremely hot summers. On your visit, witness the celebrations of Ramlila and Ganga Dussehra in Uttar Pradesh.

Winters (November to February) : Winter approaches Uttar Pradesh in November. The weather during this time is quite chilly with dense fog. It is the best time to visit Uttar Pradesh as it makes your sightseeing tours very comfortable. Further, the festivals such as Taj Mahotsav, Deepawali, Kumbh Mela, and Lucknow Literary Festival are celebrated in winters.

Places to Visit in Uttar Pradesh

Flaunting one of the Seven Wonders of the World Taj Mahal, there are abundant places to see in Uttar Pradesh. From serene lakes, historical monuments, age-old cities, places of religious importance, wildlife sanctuaries, holy rivers, and unique culture, Uttar Pradesh has a lot of special attributes that make it a favored tourist destination.

There are a lot of places to visit in Uttar Pradesh including Agra, Varanasi, Vrindavan, Lucknow, Prayagraj, Sarnath, Mathura, Chitrakoot, Ayodhya, Jhansi, Noida, Hastinapur, and more.

Things to do in Uttar Pradesh

A microcosm of India, Uttar Pradesh is multicultural, multiracial, a collection of the fabulous wealth of nature-hills, valleys, rivers, forests, and vast plains. With such limitless options, the state welcomes all types of travelers with ample things to do. Pilgrimage, Wildlife, Adventure, Food, Shopping, Festivals - there is something for people of all ages.

From taking a spiritual tour to Sarnath and Varanasi, partaking in the vast Kumbh Mela in Prayagraj, going on a shopping venture in Lucknow, and eating the famous petha of Agra, there is no dearth of things to do in Uttar Pradesh.

Where to Stay in Uttar Pradesh

From budget to luxury hotels, there are accommodations in Uttar Pradesh for every kind of budget. You can find five-star hotels, resorts, homestays, palace hotels, and more in this state. Pick whatever type of accommodation suits your pocket and enjoy amenities at these places to stay in Uttar Pradesh.

What to Eat in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh treats your taste buds with rich flavors and aromas from luxury restaurants to roadside vendors. The state is divided into four regions and the food habits change from region to region. However, Dahi-Jalebi, Bati/Litti-Chokha, Kachauri, Poori-Sabji, Chaat, Galouti Kebabs, Kakori Kabab, Shammi Kabab, and Dampukht Biryani/Murgh are some staples one needs to try when visiting Uttar Pradesh.

Festivals and Fairs in Uttar Pradesh

The Fairs and Festivals in Uttar Pradesh add immense joy and color to the lives of the people. Some of the famous festivals are Taj Mahotsav (Feb), Ganga Dussehra Festival (June), Holi (March), Diwali (Nov), Mahashivratri (March), and Kumbh Mela (Jan to April).

Nightlife in Uttar Pradesh

Nightlife in Uttar Pradesh wakes up the entire city and takes the tourists on a dazzling experience. There are many pubs and bars in Uttar Pradesh that are open till the wee hours of the night. You can stroll the busy streets or sit in pubs and bars and experience the authentic nightlife in Uttar Pradesh.

Is it safe to visit Uttar Pradesh?

Yes, Uttar Pradesh is safe for tourists. However, before planning a trip, do some research and avoid any scams. Also, avoid people asking for donations in the name of religion. Read reviews about a particular place, hotel, or restaurant for a better holiday experience.

How to save money on an Uttar Pradesh trip?

  • Move around the places through local bus and train.
  • Stay at budget hotels and eat in locally-owned restaurants.
  • Avoid unnecessary shopping.
  • Plan in advance to avoid paying for extra at the moment of traveling.
  • Book your hotels, train tickets, monuments ticket price (if possible) in advance for discounts.

Uttar Pradesh Travel Tips

  • Don't carry too much cash with you as you move around in the city
  • Beware of thugs and pickpockets and don't venture out alone in the night.
  • Always be kind to people in Uttarakhand. They are ready to help you with directions and other stuff.
  • Winter can be harsh sometimes. So, carry extra warm clothes with you.
  • Don’t accept anything, especially food from strangers even if it is packed.
  • If any major document gets stolen or lost, instantly inform local police stations. Your documents can be misused.
  • Cover your knees and shoulders especially at pilgrimage sites.
  • Learn local phrases, it will help you interact better with the locals.
  • Go with a registered tour guide, if needed. Local guides can charge you extra with inauthentic information.

Things To Do in Uttar Pradesh


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