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    Gondola Ride - 210 Per Person
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    6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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  • Opening Hours 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

  • Entrance Fee Gondola Ride - 210 Per Person

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Nainital Lake

Naini Lake is a pristine water body and one of the top tourist attractions in Nainital. It is a crescent-shaped lake surrounded by lofty mountain peaks. Nestled at an altitude of 2,084 m above sea level, Naini Lake covers a total perimeter of 2 miles. It is also known as Nainital Lake and is one of the favorite spots for romantic lovers. Boating in Naini Lake is one of the best ways to soak in the peaceful ambiance and witness the surrounding beauty. In addition, you can enjoy birdwatching and sightseeing with your close ones while boating.

Nainital has no shortage of accommodation options. You can find numerous hotels and cottages near Naini Lake. Choose a hotel near the lake, and the views will be exceedingly beautiful. But it enhances during the night when the bright lights cast their reflection on the water. Naini Lake seems like a jewel amidst the mountains during the nighttime. In addition, there are attractive shopping options on the famous Mall Road, located close to Naini Lake.

Check out this information for a well-guided trip to the Naini Lake in Nainital.

Nainital Lake (Entry Fee, Timings, Boating)

  • Entry Fees – Nil
  • Timings – 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM (all days)

Boating Charges in Nainital Lake –

  • Row Boat – INR 160 per person (half round), INR 210 per person (full round)
  • Paddle Boat – INR 150 per person (per hour)
  • Gondola Ride – INR 210 per person

Distance Between Nainital Bus Stand to Naini Lake

The distance from the Nainital bus stand to Naini Lake is just 2 km, and tourists can hire an auto-rickshaw or rickshaw to reach the lake.

Why Visit Naini Lake in Nainital?

Nainital Lake has its share of legends and stories related to it. The lake is mentioned in numerous religious books. As per the Skanda Purana, the sages reached here for pilgrimage, but they didn’t find water. So, they dug the hole at this spot and prayed, filling these holes with water. It is also believed that the water of the Nainital Lake is from the holy Mansarovar Lake. 

This lake is a popular tourist destination among families, kids, couples, and solo travelers. People come here for refuge from the scorching heat in the summer season. The region enjoys salubrious weather throughout the year, making it a perfect weekend getaway from Delhi and nearby states.

Nainital Lake is divided into two parts, namely Tallital and Mallital. The upper segment of the lake is known as Tallital, and the lower segment is called Mallital. This place offers a splendid experience to the tourists, and families can enjoy boating along with their kids. Adventure enthusiasts can partake in adventure activities like yachting, kayaking, and boating. The lake forms the center point of the Nainital town itself.

Interesting Facts about Naini Lake 

  • The lake is shaped in the form of an eye, and the town also gets its name after its presiding deity.
  • In 1839, the lake was accidentally found by an English businessman when he was on a hunting expedition.
  • The lake is situated on the northern end, due to which the city receives rainfall almost every afternoon.
  • Nainital Lake is derived from two words ‘Naina’ means eyes and ‘tal’ means lake. Goddess Sati leaped into the raging flames in the Yajna organized by Daksh, her father, to insult Lord Shiva. When Lord Shiva got to know this, he took the charred body of the goddess and proceeded towards the Kailash Parvat, their holy abode; the left eyes of the goddess fell into the lake. Due to this, this place is considered sacred, and there is a temple built on the bank of the lake named ‘Naina Devi Temple.’
  • Nainital Lake is believed to be older than Jesus Christ.
  • As per the old scriptures, this lake was also known as Tririshi Sarovar, named after three sages who visited for pilgrimage and did not find water here. So they perform penance and prayers, owing to which the crater fills with the water, which is believed to be from Mansarovar Lake in Tibet.
  • Nainital town is home to one of the oldest golf courses in the country, dating back to 1926, which was opened to the public in 1994.

Famous Hotels in Nainital near the Lake

Nainital is a popular tourist destination, which is frequented by a large number of travelers throughout the year. People opt to stay near the lake to enjoy views of the pristine lake. Some of the best hotels near Naini Lake Nainital where families, solo travelers, and honeymooners can enjoy their vacations are:

  • Meraki in the Hills
  • Savoy Hotel
  • Villa 360 by Vista Rooms
  • Hotel Mount N Lake
  • Bhikampur Lodge by Howard
  • Hotel Mount and Mist
  • The Naini Retreat
  • Seasons Silent Trail (Heritage Hotel)
  • Nature Hotels and Resort
  • The Grand Hotel

Things to Keep in Mind during Visit to Nainital Lake

  • The ideal duration for the Nainital trip is 2-3 days in which one can partake in adventure activities and explore the sightseeing places at their best.
  • Make sure you check the weather before starting the journey and pack clothes accordingly.
  • Pack warm clothes, including jackets, mufflers, caps, warm socks, and gloves in winters. Also, in summer, carry light woolens as the weather remains cold during the nighttime.
  • Carry essential medicines with you along with the prescribed medications.
  • It is advisable to book accommodation in advance as Nainital receives a heavy inflow of tourists.
  • For a more hassle-free trip, book Nainital tour packages with us.
  • Smoking and drinking near the lake are strictly prohibited.
  • While Nainital boating, ensure to wear a life jacket.
  • Do not litter and throw food in the lake. Maintain the sanctity and beauty of the lake.

If you are looking to plan your Nainital tour with Naini Lake, you got the right place for it. We provide well-designed Nainital tour packages that come up with customization. Contact our tour experts to plan your vacation in your style by including your travel preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nainital Lake

Q: What is the name of a lake in Nainital?

Ans: Naini Lake. One of the prime attractions of Nainital and also the reason why the hill station is called Nainital. The Lake is at the entrance of the hill station and is surrounded by seven mountains. Although there are a few more lakes in Nainital, Naini is one of the prime and most beautiful lakes of them all. Visitors can enjoy a stroll around the lake or can just sit there to enjoy the serenity. One can also go boating or try amazing delicacies offered around the shops around the lake. Apart from anything, just enjoy the sunset at Naini Lake.

Q: Which is the largest lake in Nainital?

Ans: Naukuchiatal is known to be the largest lake in Nainital and a prominent tourist destination as well. The lake has 9-corners and that’s how it got its name. People can take a boat ride in Naukuchiatal as well and go on a photo session. There are lesser hotels but two things are in abundance; first, endless natural beauty, and second, serenity.

Q: Which are the best hotels near Nainital lake?

Ans: From budget-friendly hotels and Inns to luxury resorts, you can find a huge range of staying options around Naini Lake. If you are finding an option here, then you can pick one of the below-listed hotels for your stay.

Q: Hotel Lakeside Inn Nainital

Ans:From budget-friendly hotels and Inns to luxury resorts, you can find a huge range of staying options around Naini Lake. If you are finding an option here, then you can pick one of the below-listed hotels for your stay.

  • Hotel Lakeside Inn Nainital
  • Ayar Jungle Resort
  • The Naini Retreat, Nainital by Leisure Hotels
  • Shervani Hilltop Resort
  • The Pinewood, Nainital by Leisure Hotels
  • Hotel Ankur Lake View
  • ViewPoint Resort
  • Hotel Oak Valley inn Mall Road Nainital
  • Hotel Kosmos Anamika
Q: How old is Nainital lake?

Ans: The actual creation of this lake is still not confirmed but the lake is supposed to be discovered by a British businessman named P. Baron in 1839 during a hunting expedition. The lake has been a wonderful place since then.

Q: Is Nainital lake a natural lake?

Ans: Yes, Nainital Lake or Naini Lake is a naturally formed Lake with a 3.21 km perimeter and depth between 6 m to 28 m. Naini lake has always been a gem of Nainital offered by nature.

Q: Can we swim in Nainital lake?

Ans: Nainital has several lakes and swimming is not allowed in any of the lakes or around the vicinity in the Swamp areas. One of the reasons is that people believe crocodiles reside in the Nainital Lake.

Q: What is the depth of Nainital lake?

Ans: There is a range of depth which means it is not equal throughout the lake. Where the most shallow part is approximately 6 m deep the deepest part of the lake is supposed to be 28 m. This tectonic originated lake is a splendid place to visit though.

Q: Which is the best cafe in Nainital?

Ans: Multiple cafes offer an amazing view of Naini Lake and a great menu too. But if you were to pick one from the then Cafe Lake Side can be an ideal choice. It is one of the finest located cafes with some amazing delicacies and drinks to offer. It is located at Mallital which is the Northern portion of the lake. It has an extensive menu and options of delicacies and drinks and while you sit in the balcony on cozy chairs, you get a breathtaking view of the surroundings. The green mountains and the amazing lake, isn’t that blissful?

Q: What are the best places around Nainital Lake?

Ans: Naini Lake being a prominent tourist attraction is a complete package in itself. From enjoying the view of the lake and the 7 surrounding mountains, you can visit other attractions too. Here are some amazing places where you can head to:

  • Naina Devi Temple- 500 m from the Lake
  • Eco Cave Garden- 500 m from the lake
  • The Mall Road- Along the lake
  • High altitude Zoo- 600 m from the lake
  • Nainital Tibetan Market- 500 m from the lake
  • Khurpa Taal- 11 km from Mallital
  • Tiffin Top- 2 km from the lake
  • Nainital ropeway- 2 km from the lake
  • Snow peak viewpoint- 5 km from the lake
  • Naina peak- 3 km from the lake
  • Kainchi Dham- 19 km from the Lake