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Yak Ride in Gangtok

Yak ride in Sikkim is an incredible experience that allows you to explore the regions while riding on colorfully adorned Yaks. These yaks wear woolen knits over their horns and bells around their neck. This animal offers you a ride around Tsomgo Lake near Sikkim while it walks on rugged trails, and you treat your eyes to the scenic beauty.

Dzongri and Tsomgo Lake are the popular areas where Yak riding in Sikkim is popular among tourists. Yaks domesticated animals in Sikkim, but they have offered memorable safari experiences in the past few years. People of all age groups can enjoy this activity, from children to older people.

Yaks are generally found at high altitudes of around 9000 feet, but they are brought to somewhere about 7000 feet during the winter season. In the Himalayan region, they are also a means of carrying goods. So do not forget to click a photograph while atop the Yak.

Yaks in Sikkim attract tourists. If you go to the Yak Safari points, you will see a long line of Yaks ready to take passengers. So what are the points of getting a Yak ride? Check out the details about Yak Riding and enjoy this riding on your Sikkim tour.

Sikkim’s Best Places to Enjoy Yak Ride

There are two places to enjoy Yak Safari in Sikkim -

1. Tsomgo Lake

One of the best places to go Yak riding is Tsomgo Lake. It is located at an altitude of 12,400 feet above sea level. The beautiful lake is laid amidst the snow-laden mountains. The sight is marvelous when the lake freezes in winter. The Tsomgo lake is famous as it changes its colors with the seasons. Apart from being a sight for sore eyes, it is a lake of Buddhist religious significance.

Areas Covered in Yak Safari

There are different routes available for the ride. Shorter rides include going around the lake or up the mountain. You can also choose to go around the market. However, if you are into a longer ride, the Viewpoint is perfect. Kemthang is particularly famous among tourists for the views it offers.

How long does the Yak Safari last?

The duration of the Yak ride in Sikkim depends on the route and destination chosen. A yak ride can take about 20 minutes to an hour. However, you will not be worried about the time once you sit on the back of a Yak.

How to reach

The lake is 40km away from Gangtok. Cars and hired taxis can reach the lake easily. You can share a ride with other passengers or hire a private car to make it to your destination.

Yak Ride Cost in Tsomgo Lake

  • INR 300 per head
  • INR 50 extra for photos

2. Dzongri Lake

Another popular spot for Yak rides in Sikkim is Dzongri Lake. It is situated at 13,800 feet among thick forests of pine and snow-white peaks of Kanchenjunga. The views from the Dzongri's top of Kabru, Pandim, Koktang, Narsing, and Ratong are incredible. The Yak ride from Dzongri Lake can take up to 5 days to complete. It begins from Yuksom and ends at the same point. The views from the lake are jaw-dropping in winter.

Areas covered in Yak Safari

The safari begins at Yuksom, and the areas covered depend on the route taken. The most taken path is along the river towards the east. The riders cross the bridge over the Prek Chu river and climb to Tangsing.

How long does the Yak Safari last?

The time taken on Safari depends on the route chosen. For example, it may take 2 to 5 days for the Dzongri Lake Yak ride. It is quite a panoramic trek that takes a long time to cover.

How to reach

One has to reach Yuksom to start the Yak ride. It is 6 hours away from Gangtok. Taxis and other vehicles can take passengers to the starting point. The trek ends at the same point, and tourists can hire taxis back to their hotels.

Yak Ride Cost in Dzongri Lake

  • INR 300 per person
  • INR 50 extra for pictures

Note: The Yak Safari is organized by Sikkim Tourism. It is advised to book a ride in advance through a tour operator.

What is the best time for Yak ride?

The Yak ride is perfect in any season except monsoon. However, during the rainy season, there is a risk of landslides. Therefore, plan your Yak ride in Sikkim in summers or winters.

Reasons To Do Yak ride

  • Yak rides are fun and adventurous.
  • It is difficult for some people to walk on snow or trek on steep slopes. Yaks can easily do the same.
  • It helps local Yak owners to earn through each trip. 

You can book a Gangtok tour package and add Yak riding to your tour. So contact us now and plan a holiday in this northeast place to cover the best travel experiences.

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