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Tulsi Manas Temple

Steeped in culture, in traditions, in religious legends and in a rich mythological heritage stands one of the oldest and holiest cities in the world - Varanasi. Of the many Holy Places in Varanasi (also known by the names of Kashi and Benaras), the Tulsi Manas temple has made a distinctive place for itself. It is also a must see for those on a visit to the various Tourist Attractions in Varanasi.

History of the Tulsi Manas Temple, Varanasi

This temple is a very modern temple built only recently in the year 1964. The ancient Indian epic Ramayana was largely beyond the understanding of the common people of the country because it was written in Sanskrit, a language in which only a learned few were versed. Goswami Tulsi Das took upon himself the responsibility of translating the Ramayana into Hindi. This would considerably reduce the number of people who were being deprived of such a fantastic literary work. He composed his Ram Charit Manas at this very spot in Varanasi or Kashi.

His composition gained tremendous popularity. Ram was always acclaimed and recognized not just as a good king but also as a great king. People read of him in Ram Charit Manas and started eulogizing him. Blessed with unparallel dignity and a lot of virtues, he came to be worshipped by his countrymen. He made a permanent place for himself in the heart of his countrymen and so did Tulsi Das who carved a niche for himself in the literary world. Years later a temple in honor of Lord Ram was constructed at the very spot where Tulsi Das had written of him and the temple was named Tulsi Manas Temple as a mark of respect and reverence for him.

Description of the Tulsi Manas Temple, Varanasi

The Tulsi Manas temple is a simple structure in white. The architecture of the temple is not characterized by very complex and ornate features. Rather its beauty lies in its simplicity. The most admirable aspect of this temple in Uttar Pradesh, India is its walls wherein verses and scenes from the epic Ramayana are engraved. The pictorial representation is quite remarkable. So are the lines where simple words have been used to express such profound philosophical implications of life. One cannot but be mesmerized by these engravings.

There is yet another thing which will impress you on your visit to the Tulsi Manas Temple. It is the serene and tranquil ambience amidst which it is located. The surrounding is very clam and peaceful as opposed to some of the other temple environs of Varanasi or Kashi.

At a distance of just about 7 km from the station, the temple remains open from 5.30 in the morning to 12.00 and re opens again at 3.30 to remain open till 9 at night. Drop in any time as per your convenience; only ensure that you do not miss out on it when on a sight seeing trip in Varanasi.


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