Now ‘Battlefield Tourism’ in Rajasthan May Soon Become a Reality


History is replete with numerous battles that were fought from time to time in various parts of India. There’s no other better way to relive the chivalry of the bygone era by sneak-peeking into one of the battles. The Indian Heritage Hotels Association (IHHA) is working on the same concept and will be analyzing the battlefield tourism in Rajasthan as a new form of tourism, during its seventh annual convention in Bharatpur.

IHHA’s 7th annual convention will be taking place at Bharatpur in Rajasthan from 13th – 14th September 2018. The theme for the same is ‘Revitalizing India as the Heritage Destination’.

Convenor Rajendra Singh Pachar told that a lecture will be delivered by South-Western Army Command’s general officer commanding-in-chief Lt-Gen Cherish Mathson. He will be speaking on the topic to make the hoteliers aware of this new form of tourism which is already in practice in South Africa and the United States.

Some famous wars took place in Rajasthan. To name a few, the Battle of Jalore (1310-11) in which Kanhad Deo was defeated by Alauddin Khilji and the Battle of Sammel (1544) in which Sher Shah Suri won over the army of Jaita and Kumpa. The two Mughal invasions of Marwar by Akbar in 1562-1583 and by Aurangzeb in 1679-1707 also took place on the royal land and are worth mentioning.

Pachar informed that the battlefield tourism will be promoted on these battlegrounds. He further added that the idea is upheld by Lt-Gen Mathson and they will make an elaborate blueprint post his presentation on the topic at the IHHA convention.

As per the IHHA blog, heritage hotels in India run their services in edifices like castles, forts, hunting lodges, palaces and period buildings and traditional havelis.

Gaj Singh, president of IHHA, who also belongs to the erstwhile royal family of Jodhpur said that they are there to debate, explore, deliberate and arrive at a final roadmap for the revival of the pious land.

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