Celebrating Gypsy Voyages – Flamenco & Gypsy Festival 2015

Gypsies and music, these two terms often go together. Often the terms I heard during my tripping days in college, listening to the likes of Morrison and Hendrix. Many of us believe it was the west who revolutionized this concept, obviously stated by the magical era of the 70s. But if one stares back in the thousand year old history of India, he would find that Americans are left long behind in this race, as Gypsies are basically the ethnicities of India.

flamenco-and-gypsy-festival-2015This very fact of their origins, brings the cream of artists to India. And as Gypsies have a trait of celebration, their voyages can be best described through music and dance. One such attempt to bring back the lost legacy of gypsies in India is the Flamenco & Gypsy festival. What better place than Rajasthan to trace the routes of the nomadic gypsies.

Jodhpur Flamenco and Gypsy Festival 2015
Just like the Woodstock, Flamenco & Gypsy festival aims to bring down the best global musicians for a fusion with Rajasthani folk singers. The electrifying combination of the musicians lure spectators from all over the world. Highlighting fact about the festival is, it  invites a  big chunk of Spanish flamencos to team up with the colorful folklores of Rajasthan. The whole concept of the Jodhpur Flamenco and Gypsy festival revolves around showcasing the link between Spanish Flamencos and gypsies with the true heritage of Rajasthan, its folk music. Besides, the festival also lays stress on the musical development of gypsy music.

flamenco-and-gypsy-festivalThe collaboration of such artists proves highly effective in this direction. Infact, the Flamenco and Gypsy festival gives an opportunity to Indian artists and music lovers of this form to interact and share the platform with their foreign counterparts, thereby enacting a musical play of instruments the sounds of which even tingles a non lover of this music. And finally, to clear the air regarding the origins of gypsy culture, and giving India due credit to propagate this community and their music in the global stands.

The renowned festival made its debut in India in the magnificent city of Jodhpur. Venue being the majestic Mehrangarh fort, the festival was highly enthralling. With performances of around 25 Rajasthani artists and 19 Spanish flamencos, the event turned out to be a big success.

Major lineups of the Flamenco and Gypsy festival that year were Pepe Habichuela, Josemi Carmona, Augustin Carbonell, Pablo Dominguez, Tamar Gonzalez and Chano Dominguez. Adding to the sensation of the festival were its gala dinners and after parties, which were followed right after the musical performances. Inspired by the same ideology and thought, the festival is going to mark its second edition in India.

Line Up for 2015
This time the festival is expected to display the talents of revered Spanish artists like Daniel Navarro, Javier Colina, Karen Lugo, Jose Manuel Leon, Javier Romero Flores, Augustin Carbonell “Bola” and Victor Guadiana. Sharing the stage with these elites would be Indian folk music group ‘Rajasthan Roots’ and the magical duo of Hamza and Rajasthan Folkstars. One can also expect some of the finest photographers and painters in the 2015 edition of Flamenco and Gypsy festival.

Expected Dates
Just like last year, the wonderful Flamenco and Gypsy festival for 2015 is likely to be scheduled around the end days of March end or starting April. More precisely, the event is expected to take place from 3rd April to 5th April. However, the dates are subjected to change, even at the last moment.

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In order to preserve the rich cultural heritage of gypsies, the homeland of this community in India, Rajasthan was chosen the venue of the festival. Following the pattern of last year, Mehrangarh Fort is likely to play the host this time as well. Talking about the fort, the imposing structure of Mehrangarh defines the rich Mewar legacy, which the city feels highly proud of. Looking at the size and grandeur of Mehrangarh, nothing feels more apt than this majestic fort to celebrate the cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

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How to reach  
Jodhpur in Rajasthan is very well connected to the capital city of India, Delhi via airways. Besides, one can also make it to the city on a bus ride from Delhi.

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