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Scintillating and mesmerizing is what best describes India travel destinations. The incredibly colorful landscape sure does appeal to the senses. Reports and tourist feedback suggests that the impeccable hospitality of the people and the hotel groups, coupled with ancient sagas that encompass the land, has overwhelmed everyone. For the travelers who are yet to explore this, a luxury holiday package to India is what is highly recommended. Summer, winter or spring choose any season that you like, the country would have something in every season to offer. Be it the snow-capped mountains or the bright sunny beaches, you will cherish them all.

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Historians and eminent voyageurs who have had a glimpse of India, have defined it as a wonderland. A hub where various cultures meet and land where multiple communities co-exist together. Historical palaces, beaches, jungles, deserts and mountains, the spectrum is huge. You would sway between the glitz and glamour of the metropolitan cities and the idyllic nature spots. The country has no dearth of swank accommodations anywhere you go. For the ones, who want to explore the country like that of the kings, the luxury trains are a perfect option for them.

A luxury train in India lets you explore places like Rajasthan, akin to that of a Maharaja. Sit back, relax and allow yourself all the comfort and pampering of the high-class spas and message parlors. A touch of Ayurvedic treatments adds to the relaxation all the more. Sports travelers can seek pleasure by playing golf amidst the serene greenery. Luxury holiday tours to India, also takes you down South, to “God’s own Land”, Kerala and let you soak in the serenity of the peaceful and beautiful backwaters. Holidays such as these create for you loving memories that you would cherish forever.

For sea lovers, the ideal spots for a luxury holiday are the beaches in India. The soothing tides, crashing waves, glistening waters along with the sparkling sands are a perfect abode of romance for the honeymoon couples. For others, it is a pictorial haven where you can unwind and spend quality time with your family and friends. You can experience all the lavishness on the Indian beach shores. The country is flanked by the Arabian Sea on southwest and Bay of Bengal on Southeast. Needless to say, the coastline is huge and is partially submerged in the Indian Ocean. They say that the scenic beauty of a place transports a person to a world of his/her imagination or at times calms down the body, mind, and soul. The effect is holistic and healing. Indian landscapes exemplify this belief.

That is not all. There is more for you to explore. The country also has two renowned groups of Islands. Tropical beach destinations are what make the country an ideal place for luxury beach vacations.

When it comes to accommodation, there are a number of quaint beach resorts are dotted along the Indian beaches. Comfort, style, opulence, and regality are what these resorts are all about. With their global standards of hospitality and amenities, these hotels and resorts offer a lavish stay to the visitors. Eminent names in this genre are Le Meridien in Kovalam, Taj Exotica in Goa, and Fisherman’s Cove in Chennai.

Another aspect that spells royalty and regality concerning luxury vacations in India are the luxury trains. How many of you have envisioned yourself enjoying the royal comfort while sojourning on wheels? For the ones who have and have not, your dream for something close to this image comes true with the luxury train tours that the country offers you. They take you to fascinating and colorful destinations.

To name the famous luxury trains of India, would include the following:-

  • Deccan Odyssey
  • Golden Chariot
  • Royal Rajasthan on Wheels
  • The Maharajas Express
  • The Indian Maharaja – Deccan Odyssey
  • The Splendor of the South – The Golden Chariot

Without a doubt, it is a fun ride where you get to see sites and spots that spell wonder. For instance, the Heritage on Wheels and the Palace on Wheels, allows you to explore Rajasthan and its subtle nuances. It takes you to the ancient and regal forts, palaces and havelis that were built decades back. The stay is cozy, royal and comfortable.

When it comes to food, you can savor from the delectable cuisine varieties that are on offer. Choose from the wide array of authentic Indian dishes, exotic Continental preparation, or the sizzling Chinese platter. These apart, you can also choose from the traditional North Indian platter and sweet dishes. The popular names are Seekh Kebab, Shab Deg Kashmiri Roghan Josh, Sarson Ka Saag, Murg Mussallam, Dal Makhani, Shahi Paneer, Navratan Korma, Gobi Manchurian and Punjabi Chole.

No wonder, that when it comes to choosing a vacation that would soothe one’s senses, the obvious choice is the sea. They say that water has a nerve-soothing sensation on people. If that be the case, you can always pair up relaxation with extravagance, and opt-in for the luxury cruises in India. Contrary to popular opinion, cruises are for everyone, then just newlyweds. You can even plunge on a solitary cruise vacation, and it shall be equally exciting.

When it comes to luxury cruises in India, then it is a sea of adventure, fun, and opulence. You experience all of them while you are in the “sea”. If you are still wondering why and how then the best way to testify it is by being a part of the cruise.

Gradually, over the years the Indian subcontinent has gained prominence as a hub for luxury cruises and travel. It is all the more, owing to the presence of the huge number of the ports, islands, and beaches. The closeness to the water bodies, such as Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean, and the Arabian Sea adds to the attraction.  The well-known cruise services that India has over the years are-

  • Super Star Virgo
  • Super Star Aquarius
  • Super Star Libra
  • Oberoi Vrinda
  • Vivada Cruises
  • Assam Bengal Navigation
  • Atlantis Cruising

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