Is India a Disabled Friendly Travel Destination?

As Scott Hamilton says, “The only disability in life is a bad attitude”. I strongly feel that the statement is correct because disability is a mere perception. What matters in life is to live a healthy life with positive energies around!!

India is a land with diversity not only with its rich culture and tradition, but also quite contemporary towards hospitality and management. Like most other tourist friendly countries around the world, India too specializes in holidays for disabled and has enabled a lot of friendly provisions for disabled friendly travel for the differently able. Below are some of the peripherals that would signify the able process towards emphasizing disabled friendly travel in India.

Disabled Friendly Provision in Airways:

There are provisions of special attentions provided to attend the special needs offered to these people. Though they have access to limited mobility, they are taken care of to have a safe journey. Jet Airways and Air India are among those flights that provides efficient Disabled Friendly Travel. These flights have the facility to customize your journey on the basis of length, breath, size and weight so that prior to travel, the necessary adjustments are made for a hustle free travel. Everything is taken care of individually. Plus there are designated parking areas for the handicapped.

Designated Parking Areas at Bangalore Airport

Designated Parking Area at Bangalore Airport

Railways Making Disabled Travel Easier:

The biggest public sector in India in terms of transportation is the Indian Railways which is considered to be the lifeline to most of the places.


Insides of a Disabled Friendly Coach in an Indian Train

It implements the Person with Disability Act of 1995 declared by Government of India to ensure equal opportunities to persons with Disability to have a full fledged participation in nation building. Indian Railways do have the provision to grant concession ranging from 50% to 75% respectively. Standard ramps are been provided to the travelers to have an easy access to entry and exit in the trains, availability of non slippery walkways from parking lot to buildings, provision of atleast one drinking water tap, toilet in the ground floor to ensure an easy access for Disabled person.


Revamped Layout of Railway Stations in India

Metros/ Local Trains Encourage Disability travel:

In India, metros and local trains in every metro city have comfortable provisions for the Disabled travelers. Especially elevators are built in every metro station so that after getting down from the metro train, one can easily avail the elevator towards the lift.


Ramps are always there to help then go in or go out of the metro stations.

Same Level Flooring in the Delhi Metro Train

Same Level Flooring in the Delhi Metro Train

There are buttons with inscriptions in the Braille for the visually challenged people. Tiles and tactile markings are provided too. Special spots are earmarked for wheel chairs too.

Trained Guides: 

In every tourist place across India, there are authorized guides especially for Disabled travelers. In every Archeological Sites of India, visually impaired people have an access to hear recorded voices as a medium that describes that particular place which gives them the insights equivalent to what we see through eyes. An attendant is provided to every Disabled traveler for an easy entry and exit in the metro train and also in the Indian Railways.

Helpful Locals:

Indians are innately a friendly lot. Especially towards the specially abled, locals extend a great deal of courtesy. One comes across so many instances of gratitude and care that’s reserved and doled out to the hadicapped including, but not limited to, offering seat in public transport, making way in long queues, sharing food and other essentials etc.


Wheelchairs for hire:

Good quality wheelchairs of various sizes and specifications are available in India for rent or hire so that a lone Disabled traveler can also have a smooth and easy travel option in their limited mobility. The sizes and shapes of these wheelchairs vary from a child to an adult, from deluxe to ordinary that hails the entire category. These wheelchairs have the special features to fold and carry anywhere and everywhere.

Disabled Accessible Vans:

There are special arrangements for the Disabled travelers to have a Disabled Friendly Holiday. There are modified and fitted manual foldable ramps so that Disable people can travel safely, comfortably and independently on their wheel chairs. These vans can accommodate three people at a time with additional passengers to attend them.


Disabled Friendly Accommodations:

Disabled Friendly Travel becomes yet more comfortable when you can easily avail an accommodation. Here in India, a lot of hotels and guest houses are at their service to offer special arrangements tailor made for them.

Not the least, on supporting to the quote by Marlee Matlin which says “It was ability that mattered, not disability, which is a word I’m not crazy about using”….

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