Offbeat Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Are you a traveler who always takes an abandoned road, because there is an explorer in you, who longs for mystique? So, leave the bugs behind and buckle up for the journey you can call home. We have managed to list down some offbeat places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, one of India’s most sought-after holiday destinations in north India. With the emergence of travel businesses, beautiful places got lined up for sale.

It is nearly impossible to feel the spark of the place when it is unacceptably rushed by the tourists, who are there to crib and shout. And off-beat destinations in Himachal Pradesh are heaven in disguise, they are pristine and untouched. If you are one of those who wish to visit offbeat places in India, there are some interesting options for you. Below mentioned off-beat places to visit in Himachal Pradesh offer you a chance to have peaceful and memorable vacations with your loved ones:

Offbeat Places in Himachal Pradesh:


Best place to see apple orchards in Himachal Pradesh

Best place to see apple orchards in Himachal Pradesh

Fagu is your excuse to take a step closer to nature. You cannot move too fast, because in each step you will be allured enough to freeze. Fagu is covered with dense forests, apple orchards, terraced fields, and chirps and growls of the creatures. There are some best tourist attractions near Fagu are Kufri, Mashobra, Naldehra, Narkanda and Shimla etc. This is just the right kind of destinations for those travelers who probably like to do nothing on a vacation and just relax while treating their eyes to the place’s natural wonders.

Average Time and Distance to Reach Fagu

Shimla to Fagu – 17.3 Km. (25 Min Approx)
Manali to Fagu – 268 Km. (4 hours 50 Min Approx)


Chindi, Himachal Pradesh

Picturesque view of Chindi Town

Chindi lies at a distance of 92 km. from Shimla city. Dhali and Naldehra are its two major gateways. The town is abundant in terms of apple orchards and thick forests. And what makes this town stand out, is its rugs and handicrafts. So, you better don’t miss out on that. Chindi is an off destination in Himachal, but that in no way, make this pretty thing deprived of the facilities like markets, roads, accommodation, restaurants and everything else.

There are some places to visit in Chindi Himachal Pradesh. Mamleshwara Mahadev, Mahu Nag, Churag temple, Bhima rock and Kamakshya are some of them to visit in and around Chindi that should be a part of your sightseeing list.

Average Time and Distance to Reach Chindi

Shimla to Chindi – 92 Km. (2 Hours, 15 Min Approx)
Manali to Chindi – 209 Km. (3 hours 40 Min Approx)

Tirthan Valley

If you wish to enjoy trout fishing in fresh water? Tirthan valley best for you. This valley known for best place to enjoy trout fishing and wildlife.

Popular place to enjoy trout fishing and wildlife in Himachal Pradesh

Tirthan valley where green outshines other hues, and babbles and glint of Tirthan River feeds a backpacker’s crave. Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh paradise for trekkers and nature lovers which feel the most alive. So, doesn’t matter if you are looking for peace or adventure, you surely will find your little corner around.

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Some of the best activities to enjoy in Tirthan valley are rappelling, trout fishing, river rafting and trekking etc. Great Himalyan National Park, Mandi Seraj Valley, Tirthan River, Chanini and Bago Kothi, Serolsar Lake and Jalori pass are where you would feel yourself most captivated.

Average Time and Distance to Reach Tirthan Valley

Shimla to Tirthan Valley – 171 Km. (3 Hours, 50 Min Approx)
Manali to Tirthan Valley – 97 Km. (2 hours 10 Min Approx)


Barot , Himachal Pradesh

Known for best picnic spot in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh

Barot is a village on the foothills of Himalyas, in the Mandi district. This is a place frequented by the backpackers. Opt for a trolley ride from Joginder nagar for some thrill, enchanting view, and cutting off the distance to 12 Km. Remains of Mandi’s ruler in Barot has allured the people ever since the beginning of time.

Barot happens to be a gateway to Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary; home to black bears, ghoral, Monals etc. Activities like angling, trekking and camping are common in this town.

Average Time and Distance to Reach Barot

Shimla to Barot – 207 Km. (5 Hours, 11 Min Approx)
Manali to Barot – 153 Km. (4 hours 10 Min Approx)


Sangla, Himachal Pradesh

Resplendent and picturesque location of Sangla village

Sangla Valley in Kinnaur is a popular attraction in Himachal. What makes this valley top a traveler’s bucket list is its soulful view and amazing weather throughout the year. The apples orchards strewn across the area adds spots of red, golden, and green to the ochre mountain scape.

With the introduction of hydroelectricity projects, the valley is emerging with more easy and modernized facilities; with its rawness unperturbed. Sangla’s topmost attraction is Bering Nag Temple, where the Phulech festival is organized every year.

Average Time and Distance to Reach Sangla

Shimla to Sangla – 226 Km. (4 Hours, 50 Min Approx)
Manali to Sangla – 291 Km. (5 hours 45 Min Approx)


Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh

Sunset view at Kalpa

Picturesque Kalpa village lies in the Satluj River Valley, 7 km above Reckong Peo (Kinnaur), gives a perfect view of divine Kinner Kailash, the winter home of Lord Shiva. Kalpa is majorly known for its apples, which you cannot ever have enough of. Apart from having staunch followers of Hinduism and Buddhism, this village boasts of a highly literate population.

The village, Kalpa, is flecked with amazing temples. Major attractions of Kalpa are Kamru fort, Suicide Point and Naga Temple.  A visit to Kalpa is refreshing.

Average Time and Distance to Reach Kalpa

Shimla to Kalpa – 226 Km. (4 Hours, 40 Min Approx)
Manali to Kalpa – 293 Km. (5 hours 30 Min Approx)

Bir Billing

Bir Billing is the best place to enjoy Paragliding in North India.

Bir Billing is the best place to enjoy Paragliding in North India.

Bir is a town, a few kilometers from Kangra, in the Himachal Pradesh state. This eco-tourism spot promotes spirituality and meditation. Majority of this peaceful and relaxed town are Tibetans; which becomes apparent with the sight of its sparkling monasteries and Stupas, sprinkled all around the place.

Every inch of the town is worth holding on to, but what takes the center stage is paragliding; a bird eye’s view of Bir Billing will surely fill your heart with absolute bliss.

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Average Time and Distance to Reach Bir Billing

Shimla to Bir Billing – 234 Km. (5 Hours, 10 Min Approx)
Manali to Bir Billing – 170 Km. (4 hours 25 Min Approx)


Malana, Himachal Pradesh

Malana village is the most popular offbeat destination of Himachal Pradesh

Malana is the first in the list of offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh that is located at an altitude of 3029 meters on the northeastern side of the famous Kullu Valley. Malana is a village, which is rather referred as a secluded village but is known for its serenity and enchanting landscape. The community here is a perfect epitome of integrity and preservation of an age long culture. Ethnicity of Malana is topped with unscathed beauty of the nature and breeze that seeps into the soul.

It is recommended that you visit Malana only after a good research or a guide, lest you would end up hurting the religious sentiments of its people. Malanese belong to the Aryan tribe and speak ‘Kanashi’ language. They have their own world and consider outsiders as ‘untouchables’. These people are otherwise friendly and love to get their pictures clicked.

Average Time and Distance to Reach Malana

Shimla to Malana – 239 Km. (5 Hours, 30 Min Approx)
Manali to Malana – 83 Km. (1 hours 50 Min Approx)

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One of the best place to meditation in Himachal Pradesh

One of the best place to meditation in Himachal Pradesh

Dharamkot is home to many foreigners. These people have found their little piece of heaven curled up with mustard fields, deodar trees, tea gardens, dense forests and tones of magic. Dharamkot is infused with tranquility; Vipaasana Meditation Centre, Dhama Shikara and Tushita Meditationn are the centres of studying and practicing Buddhism.

It is an ideal place for the trekkers with the popular sites like Mcleodganj, Triund, Naddi and Dharamsala being in the close proximity.

Average Time and Distance to Reach Dharamkot

Shimla to Dharamkot – 244 Km. (5 Hours, 30 Min Approx)
Manali to Dharamkot – 219 Km. (5 hours 15 Min Approx)

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Kaza, Himachal Pradesh

Known for its natural Scenic beauty.

Kaza is also known as Kaja and is located in the delightful Lahaul and Spiti Valley. This town is similar to the landscapes of Ladakh and Tibet; rocky, rugged and excessively charming. Kaza is known for its La Darcha festival and Sakya Tangyud Monastry.

The town also acts as a base camp for the people indulging in trekking and mountaineering, mainly because of its central location and proximity to spectacular tourists’ spots. Kaza’s major attractions are Kai Monastery, Komik Village, Sakya Kaza Monastery, Kibber Village, Dhankar Lake and Dhankar Monastery.

Average Time and Distance to Reach Kaza

Shimla to Kaza – 424 Km. (8 Hours, 50 Min Approx)
Manali to Kaza – 230 Km. (4 hours 15 Min Approx)

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