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Climate in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh experiences varying climatic conditions throughout the year. However, the climatic conditions in Himachal remain pleasant throughout the year, and it is best to know about the climate conditions of Himachal Pradesh beforehand to plan the perfect holiday. Though this beautiful state promises a good time to all who plan to visit here during any season, we have listed some information below. This is what one must know about the weather conditions in Himachal Pradesh that prevail during different seasons in Himachal Pradesh.Some places in Himachal faces freezing temperature where some inclined towards the landslides. Therefore It is better to know the complete details of the weather condition of Himachal before planning a holiday there, even though the state experiences pleasurable climate conditions.

Summers (March-June) – 22 °C to 37°C 

Himachal Pradesh witnesses the summer season right from the beginning of March, which ends till June. The summer season makes people from different parts of the world visit Himachal as the place offers a great climate. It is when people enjoy a cool and pleasant breeze throughout the day.

Why visit in Himachal in summers?

  • In summer, you can enjoy activities such as camping, trekking, water sports, and paragliding.
  • There are many tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh such as Dharamkot, Bir, and Billing, which deserve a must-visit during summers.

The summer season is a complete no-no for people who dislike crowded places, as Himachal Pradesh is packed with tourists this season.

Monsoon (July-September) - 25°C to 31°

So, it rains all around Himachal Pradesh from July to September. During this season, people get the best view of nature amidst the green fields and high mountains. Monsoon is considered the best time for those who wish to have a unique experience. It is when travelers can enjoy white water rafting and other water sports.

Why visit in Himachal in Monsoon?

  • To have a great experience while taking part in water sport activities.
  • Monsoon is when there is a romantic atmosphere all around the state. So, it is best for those who want to spend some quality time with their loved ones.
  • • It is the perfect time to visit places like Lahaul, Tabo, Palampur, Kinnaur, Kasauli, McLeodganj and Dalhousie.

Be it anything; no one wishes to put their lives in danger. But unfortunately, there are chances of landslides in some parts of the state. So, plan your trip accordingly.

Winter (October-February) - 0°C to 15°C

Want to have a snowfall holiday? Winter is the season for you. It is when you get to take part in different winter sports activities. The season begins with the coming of October and extends till February.

Why visit in Himachal in Winters?

  • If you wish to enjoy a really good amount of snowfall, winter is the season for you!
  • It is the time when you can enjoy sports like Heli-skiing and ice- skiing.

Avoid visiting Himachal Pradesh this season if you don't like the chilling weather.

For more information about the weather condition, stay in touch with us. You can also plan a holiday in this state with our fully customizable tour packages.