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Mandi Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Mandi

  • Tarna Temple Hindu temple in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
Mandi At a Glance
  • Average Climate:1°C - 20°C
  • Best Time to Visit:Throughout the year
  • STD Code:01905

Mandi Travel Guide

Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, is nestled amidst hills with cultural and natural wonders. Its height is 754 meters, making it a starting point for various trekking expeditions. Hence, it is a gateway to Himachal's most famous valleys: Kullu, Manali, Lahaul, and Spiti. Mandi is also called "Chhota Kashi of the hills" as it is the site of many ancient temples Mandi tourism offers various attractions that are as diverse as they are captivating. Therefore, Mandi caters to every type of traveler, from adventure-seeking nature lovers to families searching for a peaceful retreat.

Are you wondering about Mandi weather, transportation, or hotels? This Mandi Travel guide covers everything you need to plan your trip, including how to reach Mandi, the best time to see it, and the must-have experiences. Our well-curated tour packages will help you get the most out of this town. Our expertise assures that your trip to Mandi will be well-planned and stress-free. So, check out this mandi travel guide and plan your trip here with us.

History of Mandi

Mandi was previously known as Mandav Nagar, getting its name from the mythological Sage Mandav, who is aid to have meditated here. The town of Mandi was founded by Ajber Sen in 1526. The city was later occupied by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1839. However, after his death, the Sikh regime in the hill town disintegrated. Mandi has been at the forefront of various revolutionary activities during the freedom struggle. It became a part of India on April 15, 1948. Today, it is one of the most popular hill stations in Himachal Pradesh.

Places to Visit in Mandi

Mandi is located at the crossroads of the famous attractions of Himachal Pradesh. This quaint town is also well-known for its 81 temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Still, Mandi would be an excellent choice for adventures in the mountains.

Bhootnath Temple

The Bhootnath Temple is practically synonymous with Mandi. Located in the heart of the town, the temple dates back to the 1520s. Every year in March, the festival of Shivratri is a major event here. The temple celebrates hundreds of local deities for an entire week in elaborately decorated palanquins.

Syamakali Temple

The Syamakali Temple, also known as the temple of Tarna Devi, is high on Tarna Hill. It was built in the 17th century by Raja Syama Sen as an homage to the goddess for success after difficult times.

Rewalsar Lake

The square-shaped water body with a coastline of 735 m is an important pilgrimage for Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists. Each religion has its legends associated with the lake. It is also associated with the Nag cult or serpent worship. Its water is believed to flow underground from Rewalsar to 'Nagchala.' The lake's serenity adds to its spiritual value. Hence, it is one of the best places to visit in Mandi.

Prashar Lake

Prashar Lake is situated in a cup-like valley fed by small mountain streams. On the banks of the lake lies a three-tier pagoda temple of great scenic beauty. The deep blue waters are considered sacred, as the Prashar Rishi meditated here. The grandeur of the setting is blissful. An annual fair is held in June, where devotees and other visitors gather from nearby villages.

Shikari Devi Temple

The auspicious temple is 3,332 meters above sea level and can be reached after a trek. Its spiritual ambiance and captivating sunrise and sunset make it a worthy attraction to add to your list of places to visit in Mandi.

Tatta Pani

Snuggled deep in a charming valley surrounded by hills, Tatta Pani is a natural hot water spring. Located on the right bank of the river Satluj at a height of 656 meters, the natural sulfur spring is said to have curative powers. The spring's water level fluctuates with the river's.


The beautiful, lush valley of Sundernagar welcomes the tired traveler with open arms. The blissful locale is 25 km from Mandi on the National Highway. The waters of two giant rivers, Beas and Satluj, combine here to give birth to Asia's biggest Hydel Project, which generates electricity for the country. Also, visit Devi Temple, Sukhdev Vatika, and the temple of Mahamaya.


Barot is 33 km from Mandi on the Mandi—Pathankot Highway. It is a quaint town with relics of the British Raj, famous for Trout Fishing, and a ropeway that attracts tourists. Get away for a day or a few hours to picnic in the lovely scenery.


Chidi is a little hamlet in Himachal Pradesh. The apple-growing area is blessed with breathtaking beauty. Numerous small temples can be visited.


A short distance from Mandi, Janjehli is a paradise for hikers. Treks up to 3,300 meters are available. En route, there is a beautiful and well-furnished rest house where you can stay overnight. Savor the bliss of the mountains in this tranquil paradise.

Kamru Nag Lake

The beautiful Kamru Nag Lake is a thrilling trekking expedition for visitors to Mandi. Stay at the resting resort situated 3,334 meters above sea level on the Mandi—Karsog road.

Activities to do in Mandi

Unleash your inner adventurer with a variety of things to do in Mandi. From scaling mountains to conquering rivers, discover experiences that will leave you breathless.

River Rafting on the Beas

Conquer the rapids of the Beas River on an exhilarating white-water rafting adventure. Paddle through scenic gorges and feel the adrenaline rush as you navigate thrilling currents.

Trek to Prashar Lake

It's a challenging trek through lush forests and meadows to reach the captivating Prashar Lake. This high-altitude gem offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas and a serene escape, and the beauty of the lake is a perfect reward for your trek.

Mountain Biking in the Seraj Valley

Explore the off-beaten paths of the Seraj Valley on a mountain biking expedition. Traverse rugged terrain and charming villages, and witness the stunning beauty of the Himalayas.

Camping Under the Stars at Barot Valley

Escape to the tranquility of Barot Valley and camp under a blanket of stars. Indulge in adventure activities like rappelling and rock climbing, or soak in the majestic mountain views.

Best Season to Visit Mandi

Mandi can be visited throughout the year, but the ideal time to plan a trip is summer (from April to October). During these months, the weather is pleasant and perfect for holidaymakers. Winter is another best time to visit Mandi, as the temperatures touch the freezing point. Heavy snowfall occurs in December, the ideal season to witness white hills and indulge in snow sports.

How to Get to Mandi

The nearest airport to Mandi is Bhuntar Airport in Kullu. Private transportation takes you to Mandi, about 31 kilometers away. Kalka is the nearest rail connection to Mandi. From the railway station, the distance to Mandi is 70 to 71 kilometers. A private taxi or private bus is available from the station for the hill station of Mandi.

Almost every part of the state is linked by roads. The Himachal Road Transport Corporation buses are available in a range of budget to luxury options. There are also direct buses from Delhi to Mandi, taking around 11 hours to reach. Private taxis and cabs are also available to reach Mandi by road.

Accommodation in Mandi

Mandi offers a variety of stay options to suit every traveler's taste and budget. Choose from comfortable guesthouses and hotels, or experience the unique charm of staying in heritage properties. Camping enthusiasts can pitch their tents amidst nature's beauty. Let us help you find the perfect accommodation for your Mandi getaway - our tour packages cover everything!

Cuisine in Mandi

Mandi's culinary scene is a delightful fusion of Himachali and Punjabi flavors, prepared with the freshest local ingredients. Traditional dishes, such as lentils, vegetables, and yogurt, offer a unique taste of the region. Don't miss the chance to try 'Siddu,' steamed wheat flour dumplings filled with savory stuffing. And for an authentic taste of the hills, indulge in a steaming cup of Kangra tea.

Travel Tips for Mandi

Bargain Like a Pro: Hone your bargaining skills for great deals at Mandi's markets. Remember to be polite and appreciate the craft while shopping in Mandi.

Pack Your Smartly: Light luggage lets you navigate quickly and join spontaneous adventures like hikes or neighborhood discoveries.

Respectful Attire: Pack modest clothing, especially for visits to religious sites. Consider carrying a scarf or shawl as a sign of your cultural appreciation.

Embrace the Outdoors: Pack appropriate gear for planned activities like trekking or camping. Mandi's nature awaits!

Go Offline to Connect More: Disconnect from the constant internet and genuinely connect with Mandi's charm and the people who call it home.

Why Choose Indian Holiday for Mandi Tour Packages?

After knowing the complete details about Mandi, you will assume how you would enjoy your trip there. To enrich your vacation, Indian Holiday creates well-designed Mandi tour packages full of adventure, culture, and stunning landscapes. Our perfect itinerary ensures delicious meals, comfortable stays, and seamless sightseeing transfers. But here's the best part: we craft your Mandi experience per your choices. We'll tailor a package that lets you savor Mandi at your own pace and style. Plan your tour with us to get the best of this town.


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Q: What are some must-try experiences in Mandi?

Ans. Trekking, mountain biking, camping, shopping, and enjoying sightseeing are some of the best travel experiences in Mandi.

Q: What kind of food can I expect in Mandi?

Ans. Siddu (stuffed dumplings) and local vegetables, and take advantage of the opportunity to taste the steaming cup of Kangra tea.

Q: What are some hidden gems to explore in Mandi?

Ans. Explore lesser-known temples, scenic viewpoints, or traditional weaving villages. You might discover hidden waterfalls or family-run cafes with authentic delicacies.

Q: What are some things to pack for my Mandi trip?

Ans. Remember that the weather can vary when planning your Mandi trip, so pack layers for comfortable exploration. Comfortable walking shoes are a must; a scarf or shawl can be a respectful accessory when visiting religious sites. Download the offline Mandi Himachal Pradesh map for easy navigation, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable trip.