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Khajjiar Lake

For someone who is a nature lover, it is quite impossible to ignore the natural magnificence of Himachal Pradesh. Throughout the year a lot of visitors come here to enjoy the scenic locales. Tourists coming to Himachal Pradesh will never have a boring moment. Your itinerary would be choc-a-block with visit to the forts, monasteries and shrines. At all these places, you would get to see the cultural and historical heritage of the place. The lovely valleys, mountains, springs, wildlife destinations and lakes will also captivate you. A much treasured target for travelers coming here are the amazing lakes. Out of the several lakes of Himachal Pradesh, Khajjiar Lake is one which has become a favorite with the people coming here.

Khajjiar Lake is positioned at a height of 1900 m in the district of Chamba, 25 kms and 16 kms respectively from Chamba and Dalhousie. Khajjiar Lake is situated at the central part of a large Khajjiar glade. This lake is fed by small streams. It stays full of water during all the seasons. Consequently, it doesn't need any rain water for its survival. The dense forest of the Kalatope sanctuary in its neighborhood adds to the beauty of Khajjiar Lake. 

Both the glade as well as the Khajjiar lake is held blessed to Khajjinag. So, general tourists apart, quite a few devotees also come to pay their respect at this lake. In fact, this place owes its name to Lord Khajjinag.

So, take some time out of your busy schedule. Book your place for a Himachal Pradesh Tour as soon as you can manage. Remember to come to Khajjiar Lake and you won't repent for once, that's a guarantee!