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Gobind Sagar Lake

Artificial Lakes used for storing water for various usages is generally known as reservoirs and Gobind Sagar is one such. Done mainly by constructing dam, these Artificial Lakes are the store house of natural wealth. Situated in Bilaspur district, Gobind Sagar is a man-made dam generating hydel power. Named after the 10th Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh and Gobind Sagar was confirmed as a water fowl harbor in 1962. Numerous ornithologists and nature lovers are thereby attracted to this place.

Fun in Gobind Sagar Lake at Himachal Pradesh:

Since the water is stagnant, it is a favorite fishing ground for the anglers. From morning they sit here with their fishing rod in search of a fish. This is a common scene at Gobind Sagar Lake. Since there are 51 species and subspecies of fishes found here it is a best medium for the sustenance of waterfowls. Some of the commonly found species are the following:

  • Mystus seenghala
  • Labeo dero,
  • Tor pitutrata,
  • Mirror carp

Boating is Gobind Sahib is a pleasant experience. Motorboats are generally used for this purpose. There are speed boats too, which are used for enthusiastic visitors. 83 kilometers from here is Anandpur Sahib, founded by Guru Teg Bahadur and is an important place of Sikh worship. People from across the country come here to pay homage to Vahiguru, their Lord.

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