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Shopping in Himachal Pradesh

Renowned for its various craft and handiwork items, Himachal Pradesh boasts ample shopping arcades for the shopping freaks. Since it is isolated from most parts of the country, Himachal Pradesh has a specific culture. Reflected on the handicraft items, Himachal Pradesh market  has a gallery of various handiworks that people across the globe admire.

  • Rugs and Carpets:

Adorned by traditional motifs, the Rugs and Carpets emblematize the culture of Himachal. Various motifs in Carpets, including Garuda perched on a flowering tree, Flutes, and lotus flower in full bloom. Soft blankets are prepared from fleecy sheep reared in the hills of Himachal Pradesh. Rugs prepared from beaten wool are of high quality and have a high market value. Your Shopping in Himachal would undoubtedly include Rugs and Carpets.

  • Painting:

Your shopping list would invariably include Thangkas. These are brightly tinged cloth paintings displaying various Buddhist Fairs and Festivals. They also include some poses of Lord Buddha. They are very popular among foreign tourists. Shopping in Himachal Pradesh would be incomplete without Thangkas. Painting in Himachal includes the Kangra Style of Panting, which is the most poetic. Here motifs like the idealization of women are generally selected, so this topic is commonly found in the Kangra painting style. It would be an essential addition to your shopping spree.

  • Wood Carving:

While retaining the old world charm Himachal Pradesh prepares wooden works like cradles, bedsteads, low settees, boxes, and ladles. Shopping in Himachal Pradesh would be incomplete without wooden handiwork.

  • Garments and Accessories:

Embroidered Kurtas and colorful accessories are most in-demand in Himachal Pradesh for their qualities. They are assets that would forever remind you of your visit to Himachal. While shopping in Himachal, do not forget to put them in your own basket.

  • Embroidery:

Embroidery items include rumals, coverlets, hand fans, caps, and cholis. They constitute an important part of your shopping list, and you can gift them to your relatives after returning.

Numerous other items like woolen garments and shawls are available from Government Emporia, Himachal Pradesh. Located mainly in Manali, Shimla, and Dalhousie, these shopping arcades offer the visitor an opportunity for a fabulous shopping experience. The shopping arcades of the streets are opened during the evening, allowing you to complete your shopping list with perhaps a few metal ware, jewel, and leatherwork items.

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