Top 10 Camping Places in India: For Some Leisure Time

Places to Visit in India by Month

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  1. Dhruv says:

    Hey. Nice Article. Very good read. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Camp Peach says:

    Nice blogging, And good experience

  3. Camp peach Valley says:

    Thanks for sharing great information with us. We also searching for camping in himachal pradesh. Nice ……

  4. Sunil kumar says:

    Hello ,
    Plz suggest camping for June near to delhi

  5. box trailers says:

    This hurdle is all about perspective. Yes, it may be a little rougher than you’re used to, but let’s face it, you’re only there for a short period of time (and you get to go home).

  6. sunil kak says:

    Hello Ashish,
    I wish to set up a small camping site of about 10 tents at a decent location in Uttrakhand or in Himachal. Would you throw some light on this as to how should I move forward. If you have any information about the permissions etc, do let me know.
    Thanks and best regards
    sunil kak

  7. Ved says:

    Hi Ashish, quite liked your blog here…hence I seek your advice on some private camping in Himachal etc.

    I am on the verge of throwing everything (corporate life) away and embark on a 2-3 month long camping trip in the hills. I am not a bad driver but have never driven my monster in the hills, hence, am a bit jittery.

    Could you suggest some places where we can pitch our tents, in the hills. How safe is it? And don’t mind higher altitudes….gradually. I would be extremely glad, if you could help.



    • Russell Cardozo says:

      Hi Ved,

      Hope you did go through with your plan
      .. Just curious to know more about your trip because a few friends and I have decided to have a private camp there as well and needed to know if that was a possibility.

      We would appreciate if you could share your feedback ,, and tell us about your trip.


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