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Best Time to Visit

Indonesia experiences tropical weather, and it experiences two seasons; dry and wet. Its dry season is considered the best time to visit here. This season starts from mid-April to September and receives heavy footfalls from tourists. On the other hand, its wet season begins in October and lasts until mid-April. These both seasons of Indonesia offer different opportunities that you can enjoy. Hence, visiting the country anytime gives you something to keep yourself engaged. The dry season is considered the best time to visit Indonesia, offering warm, sunny, and dry days. In this season, you can enjoy trekking, sightseeing, and water sports.

Even though Indonesia best time to visit also depends on your preferences. Whether you are planning to enjoy beach relaxation, indulge in water sports, or celebrate a romantic vacation. The geographical aspect of this country makes it a blissful holiday destination that can be visited throughout the year. And the rainy season is still considered adequate for enjoying the vacation as you can get the dry region where you can enjoy your trip.

Overview of Indonesia Season

Off Season:
Jul & Aug: 25°C-27°C
Shoulder Season:
Oct & Nov: 25°C-28°C
Peak Season:
Jan & Mar: 23°C-24°C


Travel Season Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Weather Condition
Jan to Mar 23°C 24°C Heavy rainfall
May to Jun 25°C 28°C Moderate rains
Jul to Aug & Sep 25°C 27°C Dry, windy and cooler
Oct to Dec 25°C 28°C Moderate rainfall

Indonesia in Summer Season (Jul & Aug)

Indonesia is divided into two hemispheres, most of which fall in the Southern region. The year's first half is usually drier, and the country experiences some rain during this season. This season is one of the most pleasant times for enjoying a vacation. From October to April, you will enjoy the cool and vibrant atmosphere. However, it is also considered the peak season, and you can expect high rises in safari rides, water sports flight fares, and hotel booking. Hence, planning your vacation to Indonesia and enjoying a fantastic holiday is advised. The lightest and breeziest air and clear sky make the atmosphere more enjoyable. Jungle trekking and sea sports are some of the best experiences that you can enjoy here.

Indonesia in Monsoon Season (May-August)

October to November is when this country starts experiencing drizzles of rain. However, this season will not allow you to enjoy hiking, diving, and swimming as the water flow is high. During these months, the humidity peaks, and you will see less crowds in this country. Monsoon season in Indonesia makes the natural side more impressive. Moreover, you will also witness the beautiful rice paddy field in Bali. There are more things to explore in Bali this season. Hence, it is also considered the best time to visit Bali, Indonesia. It is a plus point for those looking for a budget holiday in Indonesia, as the flight fare and hotels offer higher discounts.

Indonesia in Winter Season (Jan-Mar)

Indonesia's weather experiences excellent climate conditions and welcomes tourists to enjoy a great vacation. During this time, the climate condition is not so freezing, and the temperature revolves around 28°C. This season is comfortable and lets you enjoy various kinds of activities. Most of the time, you will get a better opportunity to indulge in recreational activities.