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Lake Toba

Lake Toba is an incredible natural wonder that attracts thousands of tourists annually. It is located on the North Sumatra Island of Indonesia and surrounded by lush green hills and mountains, and there are several small villages on the shores of the lake.

Toba Lake is more like an ocean and has a lush Samosir Island, almost the size of Singapore. This crater-shaped lake was formed about 75,000 years ago by the most extensive super-volcanic eruption ever recorded on the Earth. The surface area is around 1,145 square kilometers, and the depth of Lake Toba is around 450 meters. Lake Toba is the world's largest crater lake and the biggest lake in Southeast Asia. Apart from it, Lake Toba has the tag of being one of the deepest in the world. But apart from that, numerous reasons tell you why you should visit this Lake in Indonesia.

Overview of Lake Toba, Indonesia

Location North Sumatra, Indonesia
Volume 2,100 cubic kilometers
Formation Supervolcanic eruption 74,000 years ago
Things to do Boating, Visiting Villages, Hiking, Biking, Swimming
Best Time to Visit  April-October (Dry Season)


  • Samosir Island is the largest island where you can enjoy swimming, hiking, and boating.
  • Explore Toba Caldera Geopark, a UNESCO Global Geopark that is home to Volcanic craters, hot springs, and waterfalls.
  • Trek to Bukit Barisan Mountains to enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Toba and other nearby attractions.
  • Get insightful experience of culture and traditions by visiting Batak Villages.

Recommended For

This natural lake is a popular tourist attraction that is a must-visit destination for hikers, boaters, swimmers, and nature lovers. Moreover, this scenic destination offers cultural experiences and relaxations. Overall, being one of its kind lakes, you should surely add this to your bucket list.

About Lake Toba

Lake Toba is a popular tourist attraction that is surrounded by lush green hills and mountains. There are several traditional Batal villages on the shorelines of this lake. However, the notable tourist attraction is Samosir Island which is home to Batak Villages where you can enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, and fishing. Apart from it, cultural experiences, relaxation, strolling in the Geological Park, and tasting local cuisines are must-visit activities. A visit to Lake Toba While enjoying a holiday in Indonesia is undoubtedly a lifetime experience, We have listed some of the best things to enjoy for a remarkable Lake Toba day trip. 

Take a Dip in Lake

There are various resorts and guesthouses near the shorelines of the Lake that you can choose for your stay. Taking a dip and swimming in its clear water is an ideal way to enjoy your day here. You can also enjoy more water adventures by kayaking and jet skiing.

Explore Batak Village

The local people of Lake Toba are known as Batak and belong to the Sumatran Tribe, an Ancient tribe. Now they are inclined towards modernization and adapting to Western culture. But, still, they hold on to their local culture and tradition in the form of handicraft items and arts. Take a village tour and get a better outlook on their incredible culture. To make your tour more exciting, you can rent a bike and explore many villages at your pace.

Witness Sipiso Piso Waterfall

This is one of this country's highest waterfalls, located in the highlands of North Sumatra. It falls from a cave at the edge of Lake Toba and offers a spectacular sight to see. There is a viewpoint on the northern tip of Lake Toba to admire the beauty of this waterfall. You can also reach the waterfall base by hiking and splashing around the refreshing natural pool.

Climb a Volcano

Sibayak is inactive, and Sinabung is an active volcano near the Lake. You can trek to reach these volcanoes in just a few hours and admire the incredible view of dark clouds with a silver lining. Moreover, you can even camp overnight at Sibayak (inactive) and dip in many sulphur springs for an extraordinary travel experience.

Interesting Facts about Lake Toba

  • Lake Toba is the world's largest Volcano and Indonesia's largest Lake.
  • This Lake was formed by a supervolcanic eruption that occurred about 74,000 years ago.
  • Lake Toba is home to 1,000 fish species and some endemic species.
  • You can spot birds, mammals, and reptiles while enjoying a tour of Lake Toba.
  • Estimatedly, the eruption of Mount Toba is one of the largest eruptions in the last 25 million years.