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Rafting in Indonesia

Rafting in Indonesia is an adventure sport that increases the adrenaline rush in the body. There are uncountable rivers in this country to enjoy rafting experiences. Swift currents, landscapes, and natural beauty make this experience more enjoyable. On top of that, the opportunity for beginners and experiences make Indonesia an ideal choice for a rafting adventure. Aceh, Sumatra, Bali, Central Java, and Lombok are the best tourist places in Indonesia for this challenging sport. So many islands offer extraordinary chances to make a trip memorable. Rafting in Indonesia has various options for beginners and experienced. From rapid class 1st to rapid class 5, there are various options to enjoy river rafting experiences. To know more about this water sport in Indonesia, check out the details below.

Overview of Rafting in Indonesia

Destination Famous Rivers Difficulty Level Season
Bali Ayung River 2nd - 3rd April - October
Lombok Segara Anakan River 2nd - 4th April - October
Sumatra Lematang River 2nd - 4th June- September
Sulawesi Mahakam River 3rd - 4th April- October
Kalimantan Kayan River 4th - 5th April


  • Indonesia has a wide variety of rivers to enjoy river rafting for all levels.
  • Rafting in Indonesia is a way to admire the beautiful scenery.
  • You can also get an insight into the environment.
  • Capture beautiful moments with your camera and make this adventure a great memory.
  • White water rafting in Indonesia is a chance to learn about the culture.

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Rafting is a challenging water sport that attracts thrill seekers. It is a must-do- activity in this country to face your fear and enjoy the rapid flow of water with excitement. Giving a try to river rafting in this country is one of the commendable experiences. 

Cost of River Rafting in Indonesia 

The cost of River Rafting in Indonesia depends on various factors, including duration of rafting, difficulty level, time of the year, and location. Usually, the cost of this adventure is between $70 and $150 per person for a half-day trip and $150 to $250 for a full-day trip. However, the price will include equipment and a guide service. Moreover, some rafting trips include lunch, accommodation, and village tours. .

About River Rafting in Indonesia 

River Rafting is one of the adventure sports that you can enjoy at various locations in this country. Ayung River, Alas River, Telaja Waja, Asahan River, Lamandau River, and Citarik River are must-visit rivers for this expedition. This water ride is a chance to admire the natural bounty and feel the mighty rapid waves of the water. There are several famous rivers where River rafting is a great experience. Below is the list of renowned river rafting sites in Indonesia.

Ayung River in Bali 

Ayung River in Bali is a hotspot for enjoying an adventurous holiday. This river has a smooth, rapid water flow and is adequate for beginners. However, during heavy rain, the current of the water becomes too heavy. The rafting journey starts from Payangan and ends at Kedewatan. This ride will cover rice fields, deep valleys, and tropical forests. And the complete length is around 12 km long that can be covered within 2-2.5 hours.  

Asahan River in North Sumatera 

Rafters who are in for highly challenging rafting must visit the Asahan River. The river has a strong flow of water that attracts thrill seekers from different countries. Asahan is one of the best whitewater river rafting in the world. Moreover, this river has become the playground for rafting as several International rafting tournaments are held on this river. This river is around 22 km and is a must visit destination for the thrill seeker and experienced rafter. It starts from Sigura-gura dam and ends at Bandar Pulau. 

Elo River in Central Java

Elo River is another finest spot for enjoying river rafting in Indonesia. It is located close to Borobudur Temple in Magelang. This river is not challenging, but rapid is quite heavy, and you will need to be slightly careful. The length is around 12.5 km, and it will take around 2.5-3 hours to complete this rafting experience.  

Alas River in Aceh 

This river has a swift and sharp flow of water that splits the Gunung Leuser National Park. It directly flows into the Indian Ocean and offers river rafting experience for beginners as well as experienced. Whitewater rafting enthusiasts indulge in this water sport. Beginners can start from Muarasitulan Kutacane City to Gelombang. However, for experienced rafters, the rafting expedition's starting point is Angusan. While rafting, the natural beauty and scenic location go hand in hand. 

Nimanga River in Sulawesi 

This river is located in the village of Timbukar and offers different rafting experiences. It has a 5 - level cascade that offers a unique and challenging rafting experience. The complete rafting would be around 5 hours and is known for brave people. And the best thing about the rafting adventure on this river is that the rafters can take a break at the riverbanks and enjoy the view.

Traveling Tips for Rafting in Indonesia 

  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothes for rafting. 
  • Wear your protective equipment correctly to minimize your risk of injury.
  • Listen to the instructor carefully and follow it throughout the ride.
  • Know the best time to enjoy rafting and choose the right platform according to your level.