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Best Time to Visit

Singapore is a hot and humid tourist destination that receives tourists throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Singapore is between February and April. During this time, the climate conditions is favorable and lets you enjoy outdoor activities. But, if you are inclined towards beachy vibes, you must have known the Singapore temperature for this travel experience. For shopping lovers, this multicultural destination organizes the Great Singapore Sale festival at a particular time of the year. Therefore, it must be clear that each month of the year can be the ideal time to visit Singapore to enjoy different travel experiences.

Each season, you will find something different to enjoy and experience in this multicultural land. So if you are looking for the best season for Singapore, you have landed at the right place. We have covered the complete details about the ideal time to visit Singapore season-wise. On top of that, we included all the essential features of each season that would make your holiday memorable. So scroll down to get insight into each season's details for your convenience and plan an unforgettable holiday here.

Overview of Singapore Season

Off Season:
JUL-SEP : 25°C - 32°C
Shoulder Season:
MARCH-JUNE : 25°C - 32°C
Peak Season:
OCT-FEB : 25°C - 32°C


Travel Season Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Weather Condition
June to September 25°C 32°C Summer - Hot
October to February 24°C 27°C Monsoon & Winter Seaeon
March to June 25°C 32°C Spring Season

Singapore in Summer (July- September)

Singapore welcomes tourists throughout the year, but the festive season revolves around July and September. This season is probably the best time to visit Singapore from India because you will find amazing shopping deals and participate in vibrant festivals. During this season, you will get a chance to enjoy the food festival that is celebrated in the month of July. This season must be your priority if you are inclined towards food and fashion.

On top of that, you will also get good deals on hotels and flights as it is the cheapest time to visit Singapore. But during this months, you might face rain showers because of the southwest monsoon. Do not forget that on 9th August Singapore celebrates its National Day. It is no surprise that you will get the best sights of Singapore on this day.

Temperature: This season is pleasant, and the temperature fluctuates between  32°C to 25°C

Weather: The condition of the Monsoon season brings less rainfall and thunderstorms. But you will also get lots of sunshine.

Significance: During this season, you will have a chance to witness festivals and events in Singapore. You can enjoy the Singapore Food Festival, Singapore Night Festival, Singapore International Festival of Arts, National Day, The Hungry Ghost Festival, and The Great Singapore Sale.

Why you should visit Singapore in Summer:

With a pleasant climate, Singapore offers diverse events and festivals. And you will also get the best deals on flights and hotels.

Know before you visiting Singapore:

By looking at the weather conditions and festivals, it is the best season to visit Singapore from India. There will be less rain this time, so your sightseeing experience will be pleasant.

Tips to visit in Singapore during Summer:

During these months, you should always carry an umbrella in the evening, as there is a high possibility of rain in the evenings. And it is good to carry appropriate attire as you might face the cool and windy air at night.

Singapore in Spring (March to June)

Spring is one of the most pleasant times to visit Singapore. You can experience bright sunny days and less heat. With such conditions, you can indulge in plenty of activities and learn about the diverse culture. From strolling in the local streets to exploring the attractions, this season is ideal for all kinds of activities and fun. Moreover, the festivals and events of this season play an important role in attracting tourists to this season. Considering all these factors, you can easily say that this is the best time to visit Singapore from India.

Temperature: With intense thunderstorms during noon and early evenings, the temperature revolves between 32°C and 25°C.

Weather: During the spring season, the weather conditions reflect less windy and less humid. And also receives less thunderstorms that make it an best season to visit in Singapore.

Significance: You can celebrate the most prestigious Singapore Fashion Week that is held between March and April. Apart from that Dragon Boat Festival, Vesak Day, Singapore Arts Festival, and Singapore International Film Festival are other events that you can enjoy. During these months, you can witness the tradition of the culture of Singapore.

Why you should visit Singapore in Spring: 

The weather conditions in spring are less cloudy, but sunnier. There is no doubt that you can peacefully enjoy sightseeing in Singapore during the spring season. Whether you want to indulge in outdoor activities or shopping, the weather is totally befitted for you.

Know before you visiting Singapore:

There will not be much rainfall during these months, but thunderstorms can occur.

Tips to visit in Singapore during Spring:

The spring weather in Singapore is quite unpredictable and it is advised to carry jackets and umbrellas with you. 

Singapore in Winter (October- February)

During the winter season, northeastern winds set in Singapore, making this season rainy. By looking at this condition, it is better to carry an umbrella because rainfall is so common in this season. Between the months of November and January, the cool winds and rain would be part of your journey. Apart from that, you can enjoy many festivals, including the New Year and Christmas. During this season, you can get the best sight of Singapore nightlife as all the city is well decorated during Christmas. With so many festivals during winter, it's the best time to visit Singapore with your family.

Temperature: During this season, the temperature ranges from 30° to 24°C with rainfall.

Weather: The Condition of the winter season showcases rainfall ranging from 63 mm to 766 mm. But fret not, you can easily explore the attractions of Singapore without any hassle.

Significance: There are many special events and festivals in this season. Some of them are New Year, Christmas, ZoukOut Music Festival, Pongal, Chinese New Year, Fringe Festival, and Singapore Carnival.

Why you should visit Singapore in Winter:

Throughout the season, you will notice that the atmosphere is festive and joyful. From Christmas and New Year, you can experience the vibrant side of Singapore. Besides that, you can witness the fireworks, celebrations, and lighting decorations. This makes it the best season to visit Singapore with family and friends.

Know Before You Visiting Singapore:

The weather conditions of Singapore in this season is windy and cloudy. There is also a low level of sunshine and humidity, and thunderstorms are more likely during this season.

Tips to visit in Singapore during in Winter:

It is essential to carry extra warm clothes as you may face cool winds at night time.