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Tourist Attractions in Gorakhpur

Earlier called by the name Muazzamabad, Gorakhpur district includes places like Basti, Deoria, Azamgarh and shares its borders with Nepal. It is here that the Aryan culture and civilization flourished. Called Koshal by the ancient kings, Gorakhpur is one of sixteen Mahajanapadas (states) that existed in India from the 6th century BC. A chain of rulers sat on the throne of Gorakhpur. This historical place boasts of quite a few Tourist Attractions.

The Tourist Attractions in Gorakhpur includes the historical Monuments in Gorakhpur. Gorakhpur was ruled by a chain of rulers. The Museums in Gorakhpur has a collection of objects that throw a great deal of light on its historical past. It is a pleasure to be visiting those museums and witnessing the various kinds of arts and artifacts that are housed in them. 

It is in Gorakhpur that Buddhism and Hinduism flourished down the ages. Nevertheless, Jainism and Sikhism also found a concrete base over here. As a result there are many Holy Places in Gorakhpur. Religious minded devotees will like to visit these places but they are at the same time of great interest to the common tourists as well. They constitute some of the major Tourist Attractions in Gorakhpur.

If you come to Gorakhpur, then you shall also have a lively experience while Shopping in Gorakhpur. With numerous shops and market places in Gorakhpur, various idols of Gods and Goddesses are available here. You can also obtain some of the exclusive Saris and materials of common everyday use from the markets in Gorakhpur. If you are interested in seeing the other places located near Gorakhpur, then the Excursion from Gorakhpur would be ideal for you. It includes a tour to the adjacent place of tourist interest.

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